Friday, January 21, 2011


When I was at my sister Leslie's house a few days ago I noticed the framed silhouettes that hung on her living room wall of her, me, and my brother.  We were probably about 6, 8, and 10 years old in the pictures.  I wondered (for a second) how is it that Leslie got that picture from mom?  But then I figured it was most likely because when mom was offering it up, noone else said they wanted it.  That was WAY before silhouettes came back into fashion.

A couple of years ago, my sister Courtney had made silhouettes of all of her children and even their family dog.  All of us sisters went a little nuts when we saw them and asked her, What? When? How in the world?  Courtney said, "Oh it was so easy ... Martha Stewart."  Sigh. (Easy for her maybe.)

Well a couple of days ago I got one of thee cutest birth announcements I think I have ever seen from a good family friend, Tammy.  Tammy has exquisite taste to begin with, but when it comes to anything "paper-ish" she is a genius.  (In fact, I think she used to have her own paper company.  Then along came some kids and then some more kids and I think the paper company went on haitus.) 

One of the first creative Christmas cards I got from Tammy was way back when she and her husband only had one little girl.  It was a picture of the three of them, with a blue and white hue, cut in a circle with a hook on it ... like an ornament.  I still hang that "card" on my tree every year.

Each of Tammy's birth announcements has been incredible, but this time, I think she really out did herself ... who thinks of this?

She had a silhouette of each member of the family on the card with their own birth information on one side and then a current picture of them on the other.  There was also a picture of the whole family together too.  The card was folded accordian style.  Here are mom and dad with their adorable baby, Spring. (Yup, Spring.  Cool, huh?)


  1. How adorable is that! She is sooo creative (and beautiful)! That would have been one big card with all of those kiddies! Could you add one photo that shows the whole card standing up? I would love to see how she did it! VERY COOL!!!! =0)

  2. darling! and that mom! she's so pretty! i need to see this in person. you haven't shown me it yet!!! i love all her babies names. ;)

  3. I love silhouettes...I have the Disneyland ones of my kids!

  4. I love this announcement! What a clever idea! And I adore the name Spring. I was just telling McCall that all good things are associated with spring- new life, flowers, and the resurrection of Christ! Yep, Spring is a great name!

  5. That is such a good idea! That baby is so so cute too. I think Nie Nie has brought the silhouettes back! :D

  6. i remember my dad having a silhouette of me when i was a child but it is long since gone. i like the happy memory though!

    have a beautiful weekend polly.

  7. we all died when it came to my moms house, it is so ta da! im sure there will be much copying going on...

  8. Hello,

    I love the silhouettes. Such a clever idea for Christmas cards.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I adore these...I so want silhouettes of my whole family!!!Thanks for sharing. oxoxxo Happy MONDAY to you. xoxo