Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals? Resolutions?

Haley and Chloe came home from Tennesse yesterday!  YAY!!!  Not for good though, just for a break.  We have them for 10 whole days.  They told all of their friends that when they got home they were just going to hang out at home, sit on the couch, and do a lot of nothing so if they wanted to see them, they would have to come to our house to see them.  

Here are all of my chicklets ... sitting on the couch ... which lasted all of about 4 hours and then those girls were OFF!  (McCall and I were NOT happy about that.  We liked the first plan better.)

One of the things we were excited to show them (Elliott in particular) was the dance game on XBOX Kinect.  My kids had so much fun with Dance Dance Revolution when it first came out with Nintendo, we knew Haley and Chloe would love it.  (Sidenote:  I am one of those people who thinks that technology really should have just stopped already.  Like cell phones are great - but do we really need the internet on our cell phones now?  That kind of stuff.)

HAVE YOU SEEN XBOX KINECT and what you can do with that?  Their dance game makes Dance Dance Revolution seem slightly archaic. I heard that "you are the controller" but I really didn't pay much attention until yesterday.  I don't even know how to explain it.  It's one of those things that you have to see to believe.  You just wave your hand ... and your choices of songs and levels and characters are unbelievable. 

The kids talked me into trying a dance.  Oh boy.  They picked the song for me ... something like "Sexy Mama" and I picked the level ... EASY. 

"Mom!  You did pretty good." 

My points were somewhere just over 184,000.  It said my correctness level (or something like that) was around 59%.  That isn't too good if you compare it with Elliott's correctness level of 96% and his points being over 1,000,000.  A MILLION???  On the hardest level???

I added another goal for 2011 though:

Love more.
Laugh more.
Give more.

Master a dance on XBOX Kinect on the hardest level.
(Oh ... and lose fifteen pounds!)


  1. Oh my heavens...you and your sisters sure do have the knack for Christmas Decorating! All three of the home tours were fabulous! Really!!! I loved them all!

    To have all of your children together for the New Year is the best...isn't it! Nothing better. My brood of five were all over for Christmas and we were all able to celebrate the New Year together too! How lucky are we both, uh?!

    I am certain that I would not have done any better than you on the dance game...these kids just have that one in the bag! Good luck with the extra 15! Give it time.

    Many New Years Wishes to you and your family!
    May blessings abound :)

  2. those darn girls! :( kinect really was so fun. i wanna give it a try again. on EASY!!! silly libbs in that picture. ha.

  3. Sounds like fun...so happy you have your family around you. Enjoy my friend. xoxo

  4. I love that picture!!!! Your kiddos are gorgeous! And your grandbaby too! :) Xbox Kinect sounds awesome.

  5. OH MY WORD...you would probably drop more than 15 trying to MASTER a dance! LOL!!! I bet that is soooo hard! I agree the kids were born playing and just seem to know how to do them all sooo well!!! But, how fun is it that Elliott can DANCE like that! Go E-man! I LOVE IT WHEN GUYS KNOW HOW TO DANCE WELL!!! I wanna play with you!

    Enjoy the girls while you have them!!! =0)
    Hi Cutie-Pa-tooties!!!! xoxox to ya

  6. peeps, you dont have 15 to loose...silly auntie:) that is such a cute pic of all your kiddos!

  7. Hey sweet friend!
    {Remember me??}
    I'm slowly starting
    to crawl out from under
    the flu and wanted to
    pop over and catch up.
    Wow! Loved the Christmas
    house tours, the carolling
    and it looks like the fun
    is rolling on with your
    XBOX and kids home! I love
    the resolution to laugh
    more. Why the heck not?!
    It's free and it always feels
    great : ) Sending you heaps
    of cheer for 2011. Let's keep
    the laughter going....
    xx Suzanne

  8. I feel the same way about everything tecno. and I have not tried that one but I did do a dance with my grands on the Wii..it was fun and I am sure I looked like an idiot! LOL Good luck with your goals ;D

  9. LOL, we have Wii Just Dance and have a fantastic time playing it.

  10. How fun!!! What a great photo! I know! I NEED to get moving more in 2011!Sitting on my butt and blogging .... not good .
    I know! I wish I would have started this taking makeup off thing - years ago. Oh well... I'm working on it! ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  11. Sounds like so much fun! I would love to try it!

  12. i have heard so much about this kinect lately. is it kinda like the wii but for xbox? haha...you should take a video once you master one of those bad boys! :) i want to see you dance! hehe.

    oh and i love your 2011 goals! :)

    enjoy having the girls home!!!

  13. i have always wanted to try one of those dance games- i fear i am a bit too clumsy! LOL

    i love your goals for the new year.
    happy new year dear polly