Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Kisses.

"Perfecting our New Year's kiss after the accident was odd, awkward, and it hurt.
Now it's adorable."    (Stephanie Nielson)

I remember sitting in a movie theater with a friend watching a chick-flick several years ago.  A really romantic, amazing first kiss had just taken place between two really attractive movie stars. (You know the kind where there was so much anticipation built up that it was almost all you could do not to jump up out of your seat and yell,  Kiss her already!!!  But you knew that would totally ruin the moment, so you didn't. Instead you just sat there with a little smile on your face, and maybe some tears welling up in your eyes ... and maybe with your friend grabbing your arm 'cause she was dying that that kiss was finally happening because the chemistry between those two actors was off the charts?  Yeah, that's the kind I'm talking about.) 

Anyway, we both just sighed and looked at each other with that little pout in our lips and hand over our chest and thought ... we'll never have that first kiss again.  There is just something so exciting about the anticipation of that first kiss with someone. 

Well, I have LONG since learned, never say never.  Because we are both divorced now and have actually had a few more of those first kisses.  (And as a disclaimer, I am certainly not pro-divorce, and for the record I really do hate the whole process of dating, it's just that those first kisses are one of the unexpected perks.)

I had "a first kiss" on my original happy little things list to blog about but just haven't done it yet.  Then last night when I was watching TV, one of the shows mentioned a survey - saying that the average person will have 25 first kisses in their lifetime and it reminded me.

And I am sure that it was because of that little segment I saw, as well as watching the rest of Monday night's Bachelor where LOTS of kissing was going on, that caused my dream last night where I was in my garage and got a first kiss from someone.  (I don't normally dream about that kind of stuff either - except for one other time when I was with Jon Bon Jovi and he kissed me in his truck ... which was super cool.)  But in my dream last night, I was really happy and really looking forward to a second kiss with the mystery man.

(So did you count up your first kisses yet?  I bet you will ... I haven't, but I am thinking I might.)


  1. Twenty five?!!! I guess I must have missed out somewhere along the way because I can only count about 12...hummm, maybe I'd best get busy! LOL

  2. i'm waaaay less then 25!!! more like 6. and i didn't really like dating either. sorry mama. someday your prince will come! ;) maybe you should be the next bachlorette!

  3. What a cute post. I am not sure how many first kisses I have had.

  4. Oh remember how Sister Spencer told us girls we were supposed to be able to count the number of guys we will have kissed on one hand before we were! We all loved her so much we swore we would do that....hahahahaha! I bet none of us made it!!!

    By the you watch Castle...cause the very much anticipated first kiss for the main characters was on monday night after the bachelor...AND IT WAS THE BEST! I think you can watch it on, you might get it more if you know the characters! ADORABLE!


  5. Oh dear...I am a way under the 25! Such a cute post to start my day with. Hugs to you. xoxoox

  6. what's a kiss?
    we took the kids to PETER PAN last night at BYU.
    it was great. after reading this i remembered when wendy asks peter for a kiss and he says..."what's a kiss?" and then she gives peter an object from her pocket(what was it?)and he gives her a button from his shirt.

  7. Ohhhh...those first kisses. :) I guess I will have to start counting. Ha ha

    (The Bon Jovi dream- now that's somthing!)

  8. Wait a minute! YOU kissed JBJ, too??? LOL! Such a cute blog. Love it! Mwah!!! (in keeping with the theme. LOL)