Tuesday, March 2, 2010

These two.


I had a lull in my posts once before since starting my blog, and my sister Spring asked, "What's up with your blog Peeps? Have you already run out of happy little things to write about?"

I laughed when she said that, but this past lull ... truth be told, it has been a tough week and frankly I didn't have happy little things frolicking in my mind. But that's life ... and life when you have an ex who makes you crazy gives you weeks like that sometimes (and I can say that because this is my blog and he really, REALLY does.) So after dealing with that for days on end, I decided it was probably time to post again.

I'm working on getting everything in my house orgainized. I told my kids that the plan is to organize everything in the house first: rooms, closets, shelves, drawers and the infamous paper piles - which is truly my biggest nemisis. The next step will then be to CLEAN the entire house (washing walls and everything) and then attack all the projects. Things like repainting rooms, replacing flooring, new fixtures, any and all repairs, etc. etc.

SO! As I was going through piles of paper work (you know, the piles that you gather up just before company is coming and you put it all in a bag to go through when you have more time? Then another bag joins that one, and another one, and sometimes even one after that? Nemesis, I tell you! And then when you actually do sit down and pull out the papers you wonder how in the world can any of those really matter when you haven't looked at them in months ... until you find the vehicle registration that was due in September and it is February? Yeah, that one mattered. Oops.) Yes, as I was going through those piles, I came across these pictures of my two youngest. I vaguely remember ever seeing them. Not in black and white anyway, and it has been a few years.

Boy they change so quickly, don't they?

I loved finding these pictures. They made me happy in that moment. I love their faces.

Further down the stack (sigh) I found some birthday cards to Elliott. Sophie had given him one that said:

Happy Birthday Brother!
I know there have been times when I bugged you,
teased you, and pestered you,
but on this Special Day, I just want you to know ...

I plan to continue.

And inside the card she wrote:

Happy Birthday Elliott! :)
I know most of the time I bug you but I want you to know
I love you & hope you have the best, bomb Birthday ever!

Love, Sophie

P.S. I don't mean to bug you as much as I do & I have fun
playing the Wii with you!

I shed a little tear.

I love that they are mine.

And isn't that part of the measure of creation of a little sister???


  1. i loved this post! even though we just moved into our house last june, i feel the need to organize and deep clean! :)

    i think a little lull in blogging every now and then is healthy!

    love your blog!

  2. So sweet! My kids have a love/hate relationship. haha I know exactly what you mean about the bags of papers. Ugh!

  3. oooooh. i'm totally tearing up. i really do love sophie. she's the sweetest! good post mama.