Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Um ... well ... ?

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I was chatting with McCall today about my blog. We were both making comments about the fact that sometimes it isn't that easy to maintain your blog. I am so impressed with people who take the time to do daily posts. It really is like a hobby. And sometimes hobbies can be time consuming - and sometimes hobbies can be hard when you don't have the right equipment. Which would be my trouble of late ... my home computer is extremely temperamental. Or is it the home internet connection? Either way - I don't have access at home now and it makes it really hard to maintain this hobby.

This morning one of the radio shows was interviewing Allison DuBois. She is the character who plays the psychic on the TV show, "Medium." (But she said she doesn't like to be called a psychic. She prefers the term medium because it seems more credible. She said she has a degree and carries a brief case and wants to be taken seriously. Who knew?)

I had no idea that show was based on a real person's life - but it is! I only recently started watching reruns and I kinda like it. Patricia Arquette is such an interesting actress. And I totally love the guy who plays her husband. I guess I mostly love how his character is on the show. I want one like him.

Anyway, about psychics and computers - Allison mentioned that there are spirits all around us, which I have heard before but don't really consider that in a literal sense most of the time. She said that they have the ability to interfere with electronics: radios, TVs, computers, phones, etc. (Sorry, Libby, if you are reading this as part of your gramma's "get to know me" book and it's scaring you. Have your mommy skip this part.)

I must have an anti-computer spirit at my house, only I've always known it as a virus - but it really enjoys time at our computer. And then today at work all kinds of crazy things were going on with my work computer!!!! I can't like it. And it made me nervous.

I would go and see Allison DuBois when she comes to Salt Lake next month and ask her, but tickets are $90 and up. Really. I don't know if I want to pay that much to ask her if she thinks my computer woes are spirits trying to relay a message, or just my own unfortunate luck with them.

Although this post isn't really too much of a happy little thing - I do like the show "Medium" and I am a little happy that I did another post today!

And McCall will be happy about that too. (Huh, Bug?)


  1. I will admit blogs can be time consuming and if I read it right you have 5 kids.. so I give you lots of props on being a mother of that many and a blog.

  2. You're right...I am happy! And it only took me a day and a half to get through it. Ha. Silly Libby. See you tomorrow!!!