Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland.


I had a dream last night about Johnny Depp. In the dream, Elliott, Sophie and I were walking uphill through a neighborhood one night. Johnny Depp was coming down the sidewalk toward us and when he realized who it was he said, "Hey Polly!"

I thought, How does he know me?

So I said, "Hey! Hi Johnny. How are you?" Then I asked him if we could take some pictures since I was with my kids (and that would be very cool for them) so we all got out our cell phones to take photos with him.

Johnny put his arms around my kids, they all did some cheesy posing, and I couldn't get any of the cameras to work. Really??? (Elliott asked if I had my regular camera back in the car - I didn't.)

Johnny took a look at our cell phones. Elliott tried to figure something out. The pictures we did get were too dark because no one's flash would work. I'm not sure how long we spent trying - but we spent most of the night together because as the sun was coming up Johnny said, "I really need to get going. I'll see you guys later." And he walked away, through a gathering crowd now, and he didn't stop for anyone else.

And I just had to watch him go ... as he walked away. We had just spent hours with Johnny Depp and we didn't get one decent picture. What a tragedy. Sigh.

So I thought about Johnny Depp all day, and decided it was time to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Everyone I know who has seen it loved it ... except for one friend of mine. She will remain nameless, but she said she hated it. With a strong emphasis on HATED IT - because she said it twice in a row.

I went and saw it tonight and I really, really liked it. I can see how some people might not love it, but hate it? I didn't hate it at all. (Although I think they should have made Anne Hathaway's White Queen character much prettier. Like Glinda in the Wizard of Oz ... good witches should be pretty as should good queens. And I almost always like a movie that has such a beautiful setting. It was so Jane Austen-esque.)

Now I have only seen one each of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter so I may be a little out of touch, but I thought the effects in Alice were absolutely amazing. It all looked pretty darn real to me (except one time when the Red Queen's tall, skinny, scar faced assistant got on his horse.)

I adored those little frogs in the red coats who were like the Queen's doormen ... and how the one was giving the Queen the eye roll to "out" his peer who had eaten the tarts? Too cute.

I LOVED the Red Queen's dress and how it flowed, and her castle! It was stunning. I loved how she dressed up the white rabbit and the little mouse in their fancy attire too. And her HEAD? Seriously. How did they do that?

I loved Mia Masikowska as Alice. I loved her character in this movie too. She was smart and brave and endearing. I loved that she stood up for herself when she wasn't in love with the "Lord" (I don't remember his name now) and wasn't going to settle just because everyone else thought she should. And she spoke her mind ... protecting those she loved.

So, see! There really were a lot of things to like about this movie ... like the Chesire Cat who wasn't as obnoxious as the original pink and purple one and did very cool disappearing acts. Along with the ever so cool Blue Caterpillar (played by a Jane Austen movie favorite, Alan Rickman). And the precious reunion of Bayard's family (the puppies)! COME ON - how cute was that?

If I was reviewing this movie - which I pretty much just did - I would give it a 3 1/2 stars out of 4! (Because some parts were a little creepy. But then the whole premise of the Lewis Carroll book of Alice is a little creepy when you think about it. The movie did the story some justice.)

I think I got a strong affinity for Alice in Wonderland way back as a little girl visiting Disneyland for the first time. I loved the doll shops and wanted an Alice doll so much! Then when I had my own little "Alice" I dressed her up and gave her a white rabbit. And my Alice had a very hard time keeping up with her running, running, running white rabbit too!



  1. ahhh...i was secretly hoping that pic would make the post. i'm so cutie! maybe libby could be alice this year. can't wait to see the film! i've been excited for MONTHS! wanna bebesit?

  2. not a fan of anne hathaway... and she is probably the only reason i haven't seen the movie yet. but i probably will- you have inspired me! la ya aunt peeps