Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow in March ... and April ... May?



It snowed last night. Not just a little. Kind of a lot. Snow makes me happy. I really do love it. I know most everyone else is ready for Spring, but I'm always just a tiny bit sad to see winter go.

Luckily for me, in Utah we continue to get random bouts of blustery weather in March and April and sometimes May.

The first season we moved to Utah, my sister Leslie told me not to plant flowers until after Mother's day. She said that often times there comes a frost in May and your new little growths won't make it. She was right ... lots of times a frost has come. So now I wait until after Mother's day even though I really, REALLY want to plant sooner since the nursery's have such a fabulous array of color waiting to brighten my yard.

I think I would do well in Seattle. I hear there are lots of blustery days in Seattle. Blustery days make me feel productive. Maybe that's because I know staying inside is a better option on days like that. Of course, if I had a fireplace I might just want to start a cozy fire and watch movies all day.

Some days that would be okay, I think. If I didn't work. Darn it. But I do.

And I do like sitting in my office watching the snowflakes fall on blustery days ... I really do like blustery days.

Yep ... I do!


  1. the word "blustery" always reminds me of winnie the pooh. i love him.

    i'm ready for warmth though...i don't want it to be HOT, just warm so my baby can wear all her short sleeves to short sleeves.

  2. We have lots of blustery days here. But something tells me that 20 degrees to 20 below zero isn't your ideal temp to have blowing in your face:) Spring can't come soon enough for me!