Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughtful gifts.


Just a little while before Christmas I was at a boutique with McCall. We saw this quilt and absolutely fell in love with it! I kept talking about it as we walked around but could not justify buying it for myself when it was so close to Christmas.

But Christmas came, and so did the quilt. Because my cute daughter talked with her siblings about it and they pooled their money and went back and got it for me.

McCall is like that, and I adore that about her. Last Christmas she got me a Steven Curtis Chapman CD. I had casually mentioned how much I like his voice but didn't ever see his CDs around. She remembered that and went online to get me one.

I have been a little stressed lately ... and the whole not sleeping thing (darn hot flashes) hasn't helped matters, and when you don't sleep night after night it's hard for your body to rejuvenate and feel the way you'd like to feel - that being normal.

My Haley works in a salon and has been telling me for months to "Just go get a massage. You will feel so much better!" But I don't take the time and so I just keep complaining about my aches and pains. (I know you moms can relate!)

Days ago Haley asked me if I would be home Monday night. So last night she called me at about 7:00 and said she was on her way home from the gym and had a surprise for me.

That cute thing walked in the door followed by her friend and her friend's massage table.

Ahhh ... it was so thoughtful - so sweet - so needed - so enjoyed!


  1. What sweet daughters you have. I haven't had a massage in almost 7 years. I could definitely use one. I *love* that quilt! SO CUTE!

  2. such sweet girls! love them both.
    ps. what a cuuuuute quilt. love the colors!

  3. awwww- i love those wood girls (you included)

  4. STINKIN' cute quilt..... And what thoughtful kids.... That is the best reward of motherhood, when you see your children thinking of others. Love you P-Dove and love those sweet kids of yours!

  5. loved your comment on cjane's blog about digging in and helping. I love people like you!

    A RS president came over to my house once with a bucket of cleaning supplies when were moving and stressed. She washed every window inside and out. I have never forgot that. I am sure this sister will not soon forget what you did for her.

  6. Oh Polly!! That's priceless! I LOVE that quilt!

  7. Whaaat? 6 comments? Lucky! I didn't know Haley did that for you...so nice! I've NEVER had a massage. Can you believe it? Love your quilty. And I love that you're in the pic!