Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Gather.



The Sundance catalog has a big red metal sign that says "gather". I wanted to get it for my parents to hang on the wall up at their house in Sundance, but my sister beat me to it. She had the same idea and probably for the same reason that I did.

My mother often uses the word gather and it conjures up warm and fuzzy feelings of family for me. This Thanksgiving, we all gathered up at Sundance for a day full of food, family, and ... not much else. And that is exactly what I was looking forward to. Lots of yummy food, down time, and chatter with the people I love the most.

There are five of us siblings all living here in Utah. There are 29 first cousins, four new "married in" cousins, and now five little second generation cousins joining our group. We are a lot of people to gather together. And what makes it so nice, is that we all genuinely love being together.

My siblings are (some) of my most favorite people in the world to be with - and I know that that is more of a rarity than the norm, and I consider it a blessing in my life. It was nice to be with a house full of family and to like each and every one of them!

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  1. we definitely are blessed. thats for sure. and I am definitely blessed to have an amazing aunt like you peeps. la ya for ever.