Saturday, November 21, 2009

Having my hair played with.


Sometimes when I am sitting at the computer blogging, Sophie will come up behind me and start playing with my hair. I LOVE that.

She will immediately start putting it in a braid and I always tell her, "You can braid my hair if you brush it first." That way, I get what I like (the brushing part), and she gets what she wants (the styling part). I think that's fair.

And then Sophie will say, "Okay, but just let me finish this braid first." And then sometimes she goes and gets the brush, and sometimes she doesn't.

After this particular braid - she was really proud of the results and wanted me to see it, so she took this picture. It's a fishtail braid ... I was impressed.

I wore a dark wig to our last family Halloween party and everyone had to do a double-take when I walked in. My sister, Leslie, took a look at me and said, "You look just like me." My mom was in New York, so she missed the party, but sent me an email afterward saying that she hoped I wasn't going to dye my blond hair dark and then asked, "Do you have any idea what your natural color is now?"

I actually got a kick out of that. My mother has really dark brown hair and has never had to color her hair. No grey. Her mother died a few years ago at age 90 with dark brown hair as well. No grey. So Mom, if you look at the braid, you will notice a really dark shade of blonde. That's my natural color! And that is why I like the help of a bottle! ;)

A few years ago I had my hair done and it was much more blonde than I normally wear it. I asked one of my guy friends if he thought it was too blonde. He said, "You color your hair?"

Kudos to my hair dresser, but I had to say, "Yes I color my hair. And I can pretty much guarantee that every blonde you know colors her hair." He wasn't much help.

So I asked a girlfriend of mine if she thought I was too blonde. She said, "Can you be too blonde?????"

Well, alrighty then.



  1. TWINNERS! i cant get over how much the two of you look crazy. i totally think you can pull off the dark look peeps, its cutie!

    thanks for the nelson shout always makes me feel famous to make it on someone elses blogg! love ya.

  2. i keep checking for a new post...come on! ;)