Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas love notes.


dear christmas lights,
you know we have a love/hate relationship, right? i love that you add the special glow to the christmas season hanging on my trees and garlands and house. i just don't get why you insist on being so temperamental. i am not the only one who feels this way.

like how two weeks ago, half of my garage lights stopped working, and yet, last night, as i was snow blowing the driveway, i looked up to see that every last light was on! do you just get a kick out of that? hmmm ....

i wanted to say, that i love you enough, to keep on trying though. thanks a lot for all the ones that do stay lit the entire season - and into the next.

dear christmas candy,
wow! i loved you a little too much this year! now i need to work on getting those few extra pounds off that i gained while enjoying you SO much, every day, for the entire month! (a special shout out to you little candy canes ... love you the most!)

dear christmas cards,
you are truly one of my most favorite things about the christmas season! i am so happy for all of the cards that made it to me this year. i love to get you, and i love to give you. keep on coming - all the way into the new year! you know i wouldn't mind.

dear christmas presents,
you know how much i love to wrap you, right? i love to pick out the paper and i love to pick out the bows. you really do add to my decor at christmastime. sorry you didn't get to all be together this year for our "group" picture. i know we usually do that every christmas eve, but this year we had to spread out the festivities since the young ones were leaving on their trip. we'll do it next year though, for sure.

dear christmas carols,
i am just NOT ready to let you go! the radio stations start playing you as early as november 1st, but for some reason stop just a couple of days after christmas - i don't get it.

i couldn't find a single station yesterday or today that was playing your songs, so i popped in my own cd. (david archuleta ... just got it, love it, not ready to put it away.) thank you so much for your variety and for the beautiful message that most of your songs bring ... (i say most because i'm not a huge fan of "santa baby" - although i think madonna sings it really well, or of "i saw mommy kissing santa claus" except by the jackson 5 - especially when michael says, "i did! i really did ... and i'm gonna tell my dad." so cute.)

i will really miss this season - i love it - it's always hard to let it go!



  1. that's very very cute mom. i might need to copy it some time. ;)

  2. dear christmas carols...
    remember how my mother just can't seem to give you up? well neither can south towne mall. the place of which I am blessed to work. and man was it killin me today too hear the young MJ in his popular boy band remind me once an hour that he believes "santa clause is comin to town."

  3. peeps
    cute idea. i just hung some of my after Christmas ornaments on my tree tonight.'s a little bit of an illness.