Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let it snow.


We moved into our house on April 1st, 13 years ago. It snowed a few days later. What? Coming from California, I just didn't really expect to see snow fall in April. I now know better. It's Utah. Things happen. They say if you don't like the weather in Utah, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

But no one in this household complained. We loved it. Especially the kids! They made a tiny little snowman out on the back deck. (We're talkin' tiny ... they put a barbie hat on it.)

Over the next few years, we all decided that not nearly enough snow fell in Utah! If it's going to snow - LET IT SNOW!!!!

I didn't even mind shoveling the driveway. In fact, I enjoyed it. It was way too hard to shovel after the car had made tracks in the snow, so I used to get up before anyone else and head out to the driveway before I had to take the kids up to their bus stop.

It was dark, and so still, so quiet, so peaceful. It was always a great sense of accomplishment too. It felt good. (Especially if it was a morning I got to crawl back into bed for a little while.)

I shoveled that driveway for 12 years. And then I got a snow blower.

I wasn't sure I would like it ... in fact, even after I had one, I still shoveled for the next couple of snow falls. It was noisy and I worried that it would bother the neighbors at 6:00 in the morning. I paid attention to how many lights were on in the other houses around me, and how many other people were up shoveling too (who I wouldn't be disturbing), and I did hear a couple of other snow blowers at that wee early hour - so I powered it up.

I love snow blowers.

A few days ago we got our first real, substantial snowfall of the season. It's a good thing too. If the temperature is going to be in the single digits, it should be white outside.

I just remembered that I forgot to turn off the water main to my sprinklers. That is SO not good.



  1. how cute!!!!!
    i agree about the weather. if its going to be absolutely BONE CHILLING... it should be white outside! love it.

  2. i love my snowman...the very first one ever built at that home of ours. too funny. and the barbie hat...classic. when i was reading the paragraph about the snowman i was thinking, i wish she had a picture, and then YOU DID!!! i love it!