Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hanging in the kitchen.


I had an idea for my christmas cards this year of taking a group shot in the kitchen, since that is where we like to gather. This isn't it. But this is my test shot.

I wanted to see if the lighting would be good enough, and if you'd be able to see faces good enough ... I think it turned out pretty good, so that's what I decided to do. And then I changed my mind. And now I'm not sure I should have.

Although this picture is a little less than flattering of Haley (sorry about it, Hee) I still LOVE it!

What would make this mama more happy than four of her children hanging out together in the kitchen, enjoying each other's company, with fresh 44 oz. diet cokes? And the cutest little baby chillin' in the sink?

Well ... if you ask me, not much else.


  1. the diet cokes...funny! libby's looking at haley like, "why in the world did you just set me in the sink?"

  2. that is exactly what my moms house looks like on my favorite days. the only difference is we are hiding the diet cokes to avoid lectures from grammie II:)

    libby looks like a little doll perched in the sink, so cutie!

  3. Yes please notice and admire the fresh DC's. It wouldn't be a Wood girls gathering with out them!