Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tidings of Comfort ... and J.O.Y!

Last night, my four kiddos (still at home) and I went to get our pictures taken for our Christmas cards. I know, I know.  It is a little late to be getting our pictures taken, but as long as cards are post marked by the 24th we're good, right?  I love Christmas cards SO much that they can keep on comin' all the way through the new year as far as I'm concerned and I would be tickled pink to get them.

Chloe happens to be working with a photography studio during this Christmas season, so she scheduled our appointment to be the last one of the day.  That way, she could leave her post to be a subject in the photo without a problem.

Since Mike, the photographer, knows Chloe, he took all kinds of time with our family.  Mike posed all
of the kids and took some serious shots of each of them.

I don't ever take serious shots of my kids.

Chloe doesn't often strike serious poses.

She prefers to take photos like this one ....

pure joy.


  1. that chlo-b-dobe! she's so silly. i can't wait to see all the pictures. how fun!

  2. So cute! Save a Christmas card for me.

  3. Such gorgeous girls!
    Of course the apple
    doesn't fall far from the

    xx Suzanne

  4. So fun! I am totally with you Polly! We just took our pics 2 days ago & I am still waiting to get my cards...we didn't have NEAR as much fun as you guys! It was more like, "BO! SMILE!" over & over... But now you guys...FUN!!!

    So cool about the book you gave your parents too! tHanks for sharing that with me!

  5. Oh my this looks like fun...I will be late with my cards too....I ordered some and they have not arrived yet! Oh well....I love your theory so I am going to go with it this year. xoxxo

  6. Chlo is so stinkin funny...being a lover of life is a good good thing! I had surrendered to the "no Christmas card" for the second year in a row, how sad! But I think you may have just given me a spark. Think I'll try and scrounge up something somewhat holiday-ish and snap a picture today! Thanks peeps :)

  7. ha! that is classic chloe. can't wait for your christmas card. a BIG smile always comes across my face as i address mine to you...i know you will appreciate the love sent!

  8. How just make life fun don't they! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas! :D

  9. Your kids are hilarious...this one of Chloe reminds me of all of the jumping ones you guys do....SUPER CUTE...SUPER FUN...CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST! :)