Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pottery Barn Christmas.

Last year I mentioned how much Pottery Barn had inspired me to switch up my Christmas decor just a little bit ... this year, it is just as inspiring.  I think I have been to the Pottery Barn store at least six times so far this season.   (And it isn't even that convenient to my house.)  I think I could just move in and be really content.

I always look forward to getting their Christmas catalog too.  There are SO many ideas on those pages - it is just earthy and pretty.  Last year after visiting their store in Salt Lake, I put the garland on my stairs without any decorations on it.  I added some boxwood (which is all over PB) to my (really old) evergreen garland, white lights, and that was it.  Same for this year, and I am loving it.  Haley walked into the house the other night and said, "Oh I just love our garland on the stairs!"  Nothing like greenery and lights to make your house feel festive and Christmasy!

I walked over to the Pottery Barn Kids store too and was dying at how cute their window displays were.

(these kids! these toys!)

One of these days I decided that I need to ask Santa for some Christmas bedding.  I know it's a little impractical, but I have been eye balling this set for a few years now.  I am C.R.A.Z.Y. about it!


  1. I LOVE their Christmas catalog too, so this bedding also. The posters of the kids is just precious! ;D

  2. oh how i love PB. My dream job is to work there. ha

  3. Hello,
    Love it all! PB is one of my favorite stores. Love the bedding..... So pretty. Splurge! Tis the season.
    Take care!

  4. i want that christmas bedding all year round. loooove it!!! and those displays! i haven't been once this year...please take me! please! also, i'm dead over that little girl in a pink peti coat. :)

  5. So funny...I have wanted to get that bedding, too...isn't it great! It would really feel like Christmas sliding into it every night. But, then I think of all of the decorations I have that never see daylight I can never get myself to splurged on bedding! But, The temptation sure is great! Love the window displays! ADORABLE! :)