Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas helper.

I had a chubby cheeked little jammied up Christmas cherub come over the other night.  She wanted to help me decorate the tree ... and she did.

She piled lots of silver balls on branches of the tree.

As I was trying to take pictures of it, Libby said, "No pictures Grammie."

Not until she was finished, that is.  She was quite proud of herself when she had placed all of those balls on the tree.  And then she wanted pictures taken!

(My decorating is still a work in progress.  I want to be done already.)


  1. oh man. she is a character. and a good little "helper". love dat bebe!

  2. GOTTA LOVE THAT BABY!!!!! She is the sweetest cutest little cherub....wish I had her here to help me! LOVE

  3. oh widda wibby!!! she is too darn cute.

  4. Ha! My tree looked similar, with most ornaments hung from the same branch! I say 'looked' because I must admit I had to rearrange once my boys went to bed, the OCD in me couldn't handle it! That little Libby sure is sweet!

  5. So adorable....I would love a helper as sweet as yours. HUGS

  6. she is looking more and more like hers momma. too cute! can't wait till you're done with the decor, i wanna come see it. i was incredibly lazy this year...sigh. merry merry! loves.