Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr. Snowman.

I just LOVE all of the cute little pictures and crafts that come home with your kids from elementary school around holidays.  Especially at Christmas. (I have at least three burlap banners with wreaths made out of little hand prints.)  Sadly, those days for me are long gone, but as I was organizing my office recently, I came across this picture Chloe made out of torn construction paper.  I did a blog post a while back where I shared an organizing tip about this very subject.

The "experts" suggest that instead of hanging on to all of those projects, that you don't know quite what to do with or how to store, take a picture instead.  It's much more manageable and the memory is kept.  So before the colors completely faded on this adorable little snowman, I captured it's cuteness on film.

Oh, and speaking of snowmen .....

dear snow, 
come already.  it's time.
love you,
polly dove


  1. Love this one..I gave all mine back to the kids, I thought their children would love to see them. This is a good idea your sweet little Cherub too! ;D

  2. seriously snow! it is time! cute picture. i was just telling jared about his idea on sunday. libby comes home w/ nursery pictures and i don't wanna throw them out but, you know jared and i don't like clutter so, i need to start scanning. great idea "experts".

  3. What a cute snowman!!!
    Great job Chloe!!!
    I have tupperware filled with these kinds of things...that I know I need to get rid are a great idea...when I get inspired to go through them that is!
    Thanks for the idea!
    Love You Pol!

    Hope you get some Happy Snow Days soon! :)
    I know you love to shovel and blow that stuff!
    (probably the only one on earth!) hee hee

  4. Adorable...we do something just like that at school. Thanks for reminding me to take my camera to class many sweet creations I want to take photos of...just wait until you see this adorable angel one of my Kindergarten students made...oh me oh my! Hugs today dear one.

    I have found I NEED to go to the class... the at home workouts do not work for this gal!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. This is the cutest snowman ever!!! I love him too!!! The snowstorm looks realy & makes me cold! BRRRRR!!!!