Thursday, June 23, 2011


(Kay, I  knooooooooooow you have already heard this, but ...) Nantucket truly was a wonderful respite from the rest of my world for those few days.  I think the population on the island year round is just around 12,000 but during the summer months it jumps to around 50,000.  Kind of crazy.

Whenever my parents have restored a home there, it is always with the intention of renting it out during those busy summer months.  Nantucket pulls some pretty hefty rent prices, especially if the house is located near town.  (All three of the houses they have renovated were within close walking distance to town.)

So, when any of us have visited, it has been during the off season and not during those busy summer months ... and I love that.  First, because I don't like battling crowds (department store sales - blow out/close out sales - day after Thanksgiving early morning deals of the century sales - no thanks), and second, because the weather is usually absolutely perfect.  This trip - we couldn't have ordered up better weather from Mother Nature herself.

All five of us siblings took a big family trip and brought our own children to Nantucket back in 1994. One of the kids' very favorite daily activities was walking into town to the candy store.  And now when we girls go with our mom and dad, one of our very favorite daily activities is going into town too ... not for the candy, but for SO many other reasons:

(My dad had the girl check the price on this fabulous boat he liked.  It was $1500.  He didn't get it.)

(My all time favorite children's clothing store is pinwheels!)

(The cute flowers outside of the "TOY BOAT".)

(Courty and I fell in LOVE with this puppy!  He belonged to the owner and would just follow her around the shop!)

(We opted not to disturb this sleeping pup.)

(Best sandwich shop ever ... it is a given we will have lunch there at least once during our stay!)

(A new bakery had opened up ... oh my!  Unbelievably delicious pastries!  Whoa.)

(We had pretty much just rolled out of bed!)

(Flowers on Chestnut ... LOVE everything about this shop.)

(So cute.)


  1. Gosh, I'd sure like to go there..and how smart of your parents to do it that way! Looks like you had fun! :D

  2. love it there too. I want to go back and visit now! What beautiful weather you had...i recognize some of those shop signs. Thanks for the great post. oxoxoxo

  3. clap.clap.clap.
    except this time it means...
    oh yeah!

  4. i'm still wondering why I don't live there. seriously looks like my kind of town!

  5. This looks like so much fun--I kind of feel like I walked through town with you. Looks like gorgeous weather. I'd love to get back up East sometime. It's been years since I've been there!

  6. MOOOOOM!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I just scrolled through all your pictures 3 times. I just LOVE it! What a perfect little place. I wish I could save my pennies for a trip but, I have other things that the pennies are going to right now. Boo. Thanks for letting me live through your photos. Love you. So glad you had such a goo' time.


  7. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the bakery picture with the cakes and mugs. Happy Friday!

  8. Nantucket is on
    my bucket list, so
    until then.....
    THANK YOU!!!
    And how adorable
    are YOU??? VERY!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Charm OOZES out of every one of these photos...your photos from your trips to visit your parents are always my favorites! And you and your whole family are so photogenic!!!! Lovies to you all...miss you all bunches and bunches! Thanks for making us see your trip so clearly! Smooches to you my friend! xoxo (hugs, too!)

  10. Wow! I loved this post! I'm reading a book that is taking place on Nantucket right now. I read one last week that was about Tuckernuck Island. Can't wait to see the post previous to this one...saw is was also on Nantucket. Thanks for the walk around town--and especially the photos of the signs...gotta love a sign picture.

  11. I really like the pictures you take. Those are really pretty. i'd love to go to Nantucket.