Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the love of Nantucket ...

Just a couple of weeks before we left for New York my mom sent all of us girls an email saying, Daddy would really like to take a trip to Nantucket.  What do you think?  Well, I for one, did not need any thinking time on that one.  My response was a definite, yes please!

The last time I had visited Nantucket was on another sister's trip about five years ago.  I had just gone through a pretty rough break up and was still in the throws of heartache - crying, depressed, apathetic ... you know.  Courtney had said, "If you are going to be like this the whole trip, you can't come.  You can't cry while you are here."  In hind sight, that is pretty funny.  At the time, not so much.  Not that my sisters weren't totally supportive and sweet and tried to empathize with me, but they all just thought enough already!!!  It was still a great trip then, despite my emotional state, but it was an even better trip this time, maybe because of my emotional state.

We drove down from upstate NY and took the car over on the ferry from Hyannis, Massachusetts.

I am telling you what. As soon as that ferry approached the Nantucket harbor, I was so happy to be back.  It is a slice of heaven on earth and I felt so lucky just to be there again.

My parents have good friends, Jeff and Porter, who have a second home on Nantucket and they were gracious enough to offer it to us for the time we were there. Jeff, Porter and their children were waiting for us at the dock, so excited to take us out to their favorite seafood shack for dinner.  (Someone forgot to tell them none of us really ate seafood ... I am sure they thought we were nutty for passing up the lobster, cod, and salmon and opting for chicken fingers.  I can admit that that is a bit of a shame, isn't it?)

But it was a nice beginning to an incredible few days on the "Grey Lady" ... the scenery in that corner of the harbor was pretty incredible too.


  1. SO MUCH FUN....I LoVe every one of your photos...they could ALL be postcards! It is such a beautiful place...full of peace and wonder! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. ooooh. i just LOVE it! i totally would've eaten the lobster.

    great pictures too! i just made the first one by desktop background. ;)

  3. Only a Sister! ha ha Who else could get away with that?

    I am celebrating with you that Because of your emotional state you had a great time instead of in spite of it! I have had both kinds of trips myself and the happy ones are so much more enjoyable! :) What an incredible place. I think that I need to put that on my bucket list. Looks like it was all fun & good!
    Enjoy these wonderful summer days. I know that you are winter girl, but you know me- Total Summer!

  4. Sounds like a WONDERFUL trip!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Okay, you don't know me...I was remembering a couple from Nantucket and could only remember their first names. so I googled their names with Nantucket behind it and found you....

    I was a nanny on Nantucket for 4 years. I attended the humble LDS meetings in their home and absolutely loved them to pieces. Wanted to get in touch with them. Could you please pass my email along to them and let them know I wanted to catch up with them after over a decade. It is jessicadejong at yahoo . com they would have known me as Jessica Brock thank you so much -