Monday, June 6, 2011

Sister's trip.

Wow, it seems like I have been gone from the blogging world and my reality for a long time.  I took a nice, fun, crazy, eating-fest, laughing-fest vacation with my favorite traveling companions.  We had the best time ... we usually do.  It is always bitter sweet to come home though.  I will miss my sisters too much (even though we all live within minutes of each other, we don't live together and they are so fun to live with) ... but I missed my kids too much.  (I like living with them too.)

And it is good to know that they missed their mama while I was away ....

(The Biebs is becoming a regular greeter at our house.)


  1. ADORABLE!!!!!!
    Gotta LoVe those kiddies...and those sistas!!!!

  2. ahhh. i wish i could've been there for the homecoming! can't wait to hear all about your fun trip tonight!

  3. Now THAT is cute...both the pic or you & your sisters AND your kids are too!

    I understand the sister thing :) Love mine too! That is the biggest reason I always hope for a girl when I am pregnant...for Annie to have a sisiter. But it is not to be :)

    Your kids doing that for you is the most adorable thing ever...If I were you I think I would have cried :)

  4. that is totally Cool to go off with your sisters and totally delightful to see your kids giving you the don't leave again sign.. too cool!

  5. That is too dang cute!
    I am so happy you had a blast with your sisters!
    THANK YOU so much for your comment on the little glamper! I am sosososo excited about it!
    Have a pretty day!