Friday, June 10, 2011

Ronald McDonald.

When my sisters and I take a trip to visit my parents, we pretty much know that fast food is not going to be on the agenda.  As I have mentioned a time or two already, my mother (and sister, Leslie) wouldn't eat at a fast food drive thru if their lives depended on it.  I have tried to tell them both that McDonald's and Wendy's have really incredible salads that they would like, but they still take a pass on it.

While we were in New York last week, Spring and I really needed our diet cokes though.  Spring would give me the signal that it was time by pretending to hold a cup and sip through a straw (she is so funny.) And since McDonald's does have our favorite diet cokes, we would find a way to take a detour the next time we were heading out someplace.  My mom or dad would inevitably ask, Why are we turning here? And Spring or I would coyly say, Well ... you know ... we just need a little drink.  My mom would let out a sigh, shake her head and my dad would gladly buy the drinks to make his girls happy. 

After our first weekend in New York, we drove down to Nantucket to spend a few days.  Boy I love Nantucket.  But if I ever lived there I am sure I would go through withdrawls from my beloved Mickey D's.  There isn't even the slightest hint of fast food anywhere near that vicinity. And it's a good thing I suppose, because you really do feel like you are in another place and time there ... so far away from your reality, its just so amazing.

The day we were leaving the island, I was a little down in the dumps.  As soon as the car drove off of the ferry and we all piled in I said, "Dad, I really need you to find me a McDonald's."  I needed a pick me up and I knew that that was going to help.  (I really like knowing that there will almost always be a McDonald's somewhere close by.  In fact, all the way down the thruway in NY the rest stops all had McDonald's in them ... love.)

Well, my sweet daddy found me a McDonald's close by in Cape Cod.  My dad, Spring and I (of course) walked in, and then I walked right back out to get the camera.

How fabulous is this painting?  And it really is an honest to goodness oil painting ... it was pretty incredible.  (And for the record, I did feel a tad bit happier after my plain double cheese burger and fries.)  


  1. I have a grilfriend who swears by McDonlad's diet coke! She will leave her house just to go get it! :) I will have to tell her about you sisters :)

    Now she is going through a little Sprite zero but only likes it at Sonics... She cracks me up!

  2. that is awesome! jared's been doing the fake-hold-a-cup-and-sip-through-the-straw bit for awhile now. he usually does it at the house, from the couch, when he wants me to get him a drink. ;)

    he also says his favorite word is "sinceyousup".
    meaning - since you's up....get me a drink. ha.

  3. You my dear are adorable. xoxoxo HUGS for a great weekend filled with diet COKES!

  4. So fun...and I love "SINCEYOUSUP"....go Jared! =0)

  5. LOL, how cute!! It's wild what brings us comfort. BTW...I LOVE the new Wendy's salads and have to have some McD's once in a while.

  6. I am sitting here with a McDonalds diet coke in my hand! MM MMMM! The best!