Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow globes.

It snowed yesterday ... quite a bit, in fact.

It looked like a HUGE snow globe ... all day long.

Spring is definitely showing signs of coming ...

This is just a little set back for her ...

And I'm not complaining one tiny bit.  It was beautiful.


  1. Great images...good for you for not complaining...I don't know if that would of been me...though we are having the rain!

    Hope your week is filled with sunshine. xoxoxo

  2. You are sweet not to does get a bit sad when it's supposed to be Spring that is here..but it is beautiful :D

  3. I agree! We had snow alllll day yesterday! It was beautiful... but oh! I am ready for spring!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Love the closeup shot of the snow covered branch. The weather this year has been so crazy, hopefully spring is right around the corner and will stay for a while before the heat & humidity take over!

  5. What beautiful pictures, I just don't know how a California girl like myself would deal with snow. More power to you, my first time here, I am off to explore. And I will be back I am adding you to my list of Blogs I follow! oxox, Diane

  6. What a sweet post about the snow. We got a bit yesterday, but not enough to stick.

  7. Gorgeous shots Pol...I always love seeing your patio so we can gage how much you got!