Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tennessee experience.

One of the main reasons I have been SO busy and don't have enough hours in the day is largely due to the arrival of these two sillies.  Their year contract with the "Tennessee Shindig" show was up as of April 1st and they were just a little bit ECSTATIC to come home.  They absolutely LOVED performing every night, loved their cast mates, their new friends, the state of Tennessee (note the large orange T and Tennessee plate), and life on their own - but they were ready to come home.  I just wasn't quite ready for their arrival back home.

The remodel of the basement happened while they were away, as did the move in of renters, so it has been an adjustment since both of their rooms were in the basement.  I have a wall of totes and boxes in the garage belonging to them. And see those two cars up above?  Those cars drove home filled to the brim with lots and lots more stuff ... which happens when you are girls who love to shop, make good money with very few bills, and have several outlet malls right down the street from you.  The task ahead, of finding space for all of it, remains challenging.

BUT! It really is so fun to have them home.  They add lots of spunk and energy to our family dynamic. (Can you tell?)  I just adore them. I will miss my getaways to TN and watching them perform though - I sure loved those shows.  When I took all of the kids last November, McCall said, "I could watch this show every night."  I have to agree.  Here is what we saw, and what we will miss:  (warning - picture overload).

Lots of dancing ...

Lots of singing ...

Impersonators - like the Blues Brothers ...

And Reba ...

And cute Dolly ...

Lots of Elvis' ...

And "handsome Michael" ...

The Bendys dressing room antics ...

The Beatles ...

Little Richard and Obama ...

Marilyn ...

One of my favorite numbers - Cherokee Nation ...

The patriotic finale ...

And getting to say, "Those are my girls!"

It was a great run girlies!  And bitter sweet to see that chapter of their/our lives close.  (At least for me.)


  1. How fun! And I wish I could jump like that!!! ;D

  2. Wow what fun you should be proud! They are beautiful~ Happy Easter

  3. Oh...I am so sad I missed that! I would have loved to watch them sing and dance like that! But, something tells me it won't be the last time they do a show like that? RIGHT??? =0)

    Would they consider a living room performance for an old friend??

  4. ahhh. loved the picture overload. and i found the dvd's that we bought when i was there so, we should definatley watch them. :)

    and why do they love jumping pictures so much? i don't think i have ONE jumping picture. sadders.

  5. What an experiance!!!! I am sure they will be so missed in Tennessee! I am so glad for all the pics! They are gorgeous& I love how close the girls are! Reminds me of my little sis & me :) We would have done something crazy like that...although no one would have hired us (She really is a terrible singer :) Shhhhh! But I can imagine how good it feels to have your girls back home safe & sound! Enjoy them every sec!

  6. Oh my goodness...this is amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing such fun times...what beautiful GIRLS!!!!!

    Hugs my friend.

  7. I'm so impressed that
    they followed their
    dream and that YOU were
    behind them all the way.
    I'm so proud of all of
    you!!! And what memories
    they must have made....
    memories they will always
    always have : )
    xx Suzanne

  8. Your girls are gorgeous! And what a fun time they had!