Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dancing Kirstie.

I have never been a huge fan of Kirstie Alley ... and its not that I don't like her, I guess I am just indifferent about her and her career.  BUT!!!  Have you SEEN her on Dancing with the Stars????  What a surprise she has been!

She is an amazing dancer and looks fantastic!  (Who would have guessed that about her?)  And I can't even believe that she is 60 ... 60!?!?!   Oooooo ... and that Maks ...  LoVe him ... always have.  I am just a little envious that Kirstie gets to have Maks as her "personal trainer."  I certainly wouldn't mind a guy like that teaching me ballroom dance moves and giving me a workout everyday.  (Just sayin'.) 

In case you haven't watched Dancing with the Stars yet this season - I highly recommend you tune in.  It's a great cast this year - lots of good dancers.  But, Kirstie?  She is the one I look forward to watching the most, truly.


  1. I have not watched it, I think I will now. She looks pretty here. Sixty is still hot you know! ;D

  2. ...and after that fall too! Great recovery! I certainly had no idea of the pain she suffered in losing her mother and almost her father! I am enjoying the season so far too!

  3. I like her too she's very honest, maybe thats what has gotten her in trouble with fans, I will have to watch.

  4. I've got it recorded,
    but haven't watched it,
    yet! Now, you've got
    me very, very, curious....!
    xx Suzanne

  5. i love that picture! i wish we go see it live, huh? or american idol live.

  6. I've liked her on DTWS, too...but I haven't watched this week yet...since I was with our new baby love! And Maks...forget about it! He is so, so, so....I needn't explain!!!!
    I can't get over that she is sixty either! Her hair is still so thick and gorgeous!And she looks wrinkle-less =0)
    I kind of hope she wins!

  7. I do not watch this show ..but I have heard she is good. Maybe I should start watching. Plus I can not believe she is 60!!! Really??? 60???

    Hugs for a great weekend.

  8. I think she may be the only reason I have kept watching. The girl can dance. You have a wonderful blog. Happy Thursday!