Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Protein Style.

You know what the beauty of being on "my" diet for me is?  I still get to eat my favorite food for lunch.  I just order it protein style and I'm good to go.

My sister, Leslie, thinks I'm lucky that my protein diet works so well for me;  lean meat, veggies, eggs - bacon if you want, grapefruit juice.  I can usually drop a pound a day on it.  (She doesn't like it because she isn't a big meat eater.)  But it does get mighty boring after a while, as most diets do, so I only do it a couple three days. (That's an expression I remember my grandparents using ... its kind of funny.)  Losing a few pounds fast is a good way to motivate you to then watch what you eat and keep going, right?

Leslie sent me this picture yesterday on facebook and wrote:

"polly, saw this pic and strangely......thought of you."

Guess I'm lucky that one of my favorite drink is on my diet too, huh?   :)


  1. I had one of those the last time I was in good but so messy! And mine is Pepsi and then I add two squirts of lemon juice and a cup of cranberry juice..really good and not so much caffine. :D

  2. I am hungry...that photo looks good enough to bite!!! Yummy!

  3. that does look yummy. me and shan had in-n-out yesterday. her's was protein style. i still need to try it...i just love the bun so much i haven't yet!

  4. That is the same thing I order at In and out! Love it!

  5. Cute coke diet pepsi use to be my best friend but I am so trying to go cold turkey on far so good.

    Hugs for a great day my sweet friend. xoxo

  6. Sounds delicious! And Diet Coke is my bf, too. =)

  7. The photo of your protein style burger is making me drool...yummy! Gosh, how I love In-N-Out and my diet coke too! Love your blog and thank you for your sweet words about my dear Toby!

  8. i think your protein style burger looks delicious! i think there is a new in-and-out burger in centerville. guess what i'm having for dinner!!!!!

    have a beautiful day dear polly :-)