Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Special checks.

Remember when we were in grade school and we wrote the date on top of our papers?  It seemed like it took forever before the year would change ... from 1968 to 1969, and then  finally to 1970.  (I know I'm old, but even for me it seems strange that I could have possibly written 1968 on a school paper, but I did.  Ouch.)

What happened?  How come time has to fly by so darn fast now?  And time is no respecter of age either.  It flies by for my kids too.  How is it that a whole year has gone by since my two daughters left for the "adventure of a lifetime" and now that is already coming to an end?  I can't  believe it.  But a year ago this month, Haley and Chloe took off from their regularly scheduled lives - Haley from her job as a hair stylist in a salon and dance instructor at a studio, and Chloe from her schooling at Southern Utah University, to move to Tennessee as singers and dancers in a stage show.  Two shows a night, six nights a week. Crazy.

I drove back with Haley to settle her in before Chloe joined her just a few days later.  A few months into the girls' stay, they were missing their mom "too much" so I flew back for a quick three day visit.  The rest of the kids and I went back in November - had such a great time ... and it was on that trip that McCall said, "Wow Mom.  You have been back here three times already to see them and you never visited me once when I was a nanny in Manhattan."

Hmmm.  She was right.  And all I have to say about that now is, WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING????  Silly, silly mama.  Why do we let opportunities pass us by?  Manhattan?  A brownstone?  Crazy.

Back in January, the girls' show was completely revamped ... new songs, new dances, new performers ... and they really want me to see it.  When I said that I probably shouldn't spend the money on a flight right now, they sent me these checks to help get me there ... and that did this mama's heart some good, and I'm glad the bank didn't mind that the check wasn't actually made out to me.  ;)


  1. OH FUN...Do you need a travel buddy? I would love to see the girlies!!! =0)

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! What a fun time of life for your family! I wish we could all see their show!!! Pretty cool! :) Take lots of pics!

  3. um...really haley? doesn't she know the check rules. haha. that is too funny. i wish i could go again. (w/o my baby so that i could actually watch a whole show.)

  4. Love the names on the checks. :) Too cute. Have a fun trip.

  5. Oh how sweet...what lovely girls...you deserve to have a great time my friend...enjoy. xoxoxo hugs

  6. YOU are the best
    mama, ever, giving
    these sweeties the
    wings to fly and pursue
    such a creative and
    fun endeavor!! What
    dolls to help fund the
    trip, too. You are
    truly loved : )
    xx Suzanne