Monday, March 7, 2011

Music with a message.

I sometimes listen to Pandora radio at my desk at work.  Not all the time since some of my tasks require concentration.  (I don't understand how kids can do their homework with the radio playing in the background.  If something requires me to think, I need quiet around my head.)  But if I am doing a mindless task like addressing envelopes or getting an order packaged up, I will turn on Pandora.

One of the Pandora stations I created is "My Immortal", and one of the songs that happened to play on it is this one by Jon McLaughlin.  I LOVE this song, and I love Jon McLaughlin.  I don't know where he came from, what else he sings, or how long he has been out there, but the guy is about as adorable as I think they come.

And I think I read somewhere (after I heard this song) that he is a minister too - and doing much of his ministry through his music ... which brings up another blog post I have been planning to do about how much I love Christian music - and Christian radio.

Sophie was in the car with me the other day and said, "Mom, you always have the most random stuff on the radio."  And I reminded her that I like to listen to KLOV radio, which was the random stuff she was talking about.

Some of my favorite male vocalists are Christian artists.  I have always loved Steven Curtis Chapman, I like Jeremy Camp, a guy named Jason Gray, and I love Mercyme.  But the CD that has been stuck in my car stereo for the last little while is one by Casting Crowns - I can't get enough of it.

There is just something about incredible vocalists, singing about the Savior that moves me.  It is a great musical score when driving too ...

(Make sure you tell your girls how beautiful they are .... whoever your girls might be! )


  1. i love this song too. it was a free download on itunes one time so, i downloaded it. love freebies! i also love that when i play this song on my ipod, kelly clarkson's "beautiful disaster" plays right after. i love that one too.

  2. OH MY GOSH...what a doll...I have never seen him! Love this song...and his voice...and this cute video! THANKS FOR SHARING POL! =0)

  3. That was so beautiful. And it would be perfect to listen to on that drive each day. Your parting thought is so true and we all need to hear it! xoxo's ;D

  4. I love it too!!! And I love hearing my kids sing along to it! Just makes me so happy! My all time fave is Scott Krypayne...Not all of his songs are famous but our whole family sings along especially to "I'm not cool, I don't care" :)

    I do love your faves too!

  5. Love him and
    Christian rock, too.
    I am a BIG fan,
    but only recently
    when I discovered a
    wonderful local station
    that we have. Before
    that, I only knew the
    songs that I sang at
    our contemporary service
    at church....Chris Tomlin,
    Tenth Avenue North,
    Matthew West....There
    are so many that I really
    love. Chris Rice is also
    amazing, as is Brandon much talent!
    xx Suzanne