Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow patrol.

It is so interesting to me how the minute (and I mean the minute) Thanksgiving is over, it's Christmas.  And once that turkey day is over - I can't even stand to have the color orange in my house.  I couldn't wait to toss my frozen pumpkins off of the porch and into the trash can.  All things Christmas just fill the air!

And as if right on cue, we got BLASTED with a ton of snow!!!  The weary Thanksgiving travelers didn't appreciate it due to all of the extra driving hours caused by road closures/hazards, but I sure did.  I dragged out my snow blower three times in a 24 hour period and I couldn't have been happier.  I told Sophie that I need to go and get some really good gloves that actually keep my hands warm so that I can keep on plowing.  I just kept walking down the sidewalk passing houses with my blower, looking like a powdered sugar donut and I would have done my neighbor's driveways too except that I was Fa-rEEziNg!

We got a big dip in temperature with all of that snow too.  It got down to -2 degrees a few nights ago.  Can you just say, BRRRRRR!!!!  (That reminds me of a time when I was working in Los Angeles and was with a couple of co-workers.  We were coming back to the office after lunch and as we walked through the doors I said, "Brrrrrr, it is so cold outside today."  The two girls laughed and said, "Brrrrr?  Did you just say Brrrrr?  We thought only cartoon characters say Brrrr, not real people!")

I seem to post pictures of my deck covered in snow quite often - but it is a good barometer to show just how much actually fell:

Crazy awesome isn't it? 

(It's a shame I don't ski anymore.)


  1. i love the table. you really did get a lot. we didn't get nearly that much only 20 minutes down the road. isn't it crazy how that works?

    and i say "brrrr".

    maybe cause you're my mama. ;)

  2. It snowed a little bit here...but your snow is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. It is a shame you don't ski any more because they are open and it would be so great..I love Brighton the best! I guess one needs to live where it's really cold to say Brrr! I can just see you out there looking like a powdered donut! LOL

  4. did get the snow...please send some our way...ours is all gone my friend and I soooo want some more...Happy December!!!

  5. I LOVE THE PICS OF YOUR DECK!!! Cause you're makes it easier to see how much you got...and that is a TON! How fun...I would come and ski...we could go together...I haven't skied in about nine years...when we were last in Utah, (to ski that is...cause we were there for Bugs wedding of course!) I WISH YOU GOT A PIC OF YOU AS A SNOW BUNNY! Cute!