Wednesday, December 15, 2010

happy little christmas things.

Sometimes I wish I could leave Christmas up all year long!
But then I guess it wouldn't make all of those
Christmas treasures
seem so special.


  1. i LOVE my gnome! :) i thought i was clicking over here for an in-n-out post and was pleasantly surprised to see this cutie christmas collage. my loves it.

  2. also...i just made this picture my desktop background at work. i'm happy.

  3. I know! I agree! I love the look of everything so much too! But... would it just become ordinary if we left it up longer... I think it would . So we'd better enjoy every day of it!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Very neat mosaic! And I love the blue skates! Have a great week :D

  5. I love your treasures!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment the other day. The "End of Chemo Celebration" for my sis was such a Blessing, a Joy, a Renewal, and five days of so much Laughter that my stomach muscles hurt! We also got a bonus "Snowed-in Day" Can your believe that? What a Blessing!!!

    Enjoy the season!!!

  6. Darling vignette
    of all those little
    things that mean so
    much and give us pause
    to count our blessings.

    xx Suzanne

  7. so so pretty! i need to come see!!!
    ps. i will come see it when we come and pick up the bassinet (sp?). la ya

  8. LoVe the doll's face in the top right corner...and the baby blue ice skates....WAY TOO FUN!!!! =0)

    Merry Christmas Polly!!!!!!

  9. How fun are those blue ice skates!?!??

  10. Hello,

    I am excited that I can post on your blog. It's working!! Yeah!! Love those Christmas decor pictures. They are so lovely. The kids are on their winter break and we are having fun! Happy Decorating and have a good weekend.
    Can't wait to see your basement!