Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas house #2.

Just a few posts ago, I mentioned a frame that my sister Courtney had made for Stephanie Nielson which she featured on her blog over at Nie-Nie Dialogues.  Courtney had referred to it as the "island of misfit toys" frame.  When I asked her about that she said that it all started with the mercury glass ornament wreath she had just made....

Courtney was in her son Smith's room and was tired of constantly seeing piles of little tiny this's and that toys all over the floor.  She told Smith she was just going to throw them out to which he vehemently objected and said that he wanted to keep all of them.  Having just finished her wreath, which involved hours of endless gluing and arranging, Courtney had the idea to put all of those little toys he loved around a frame that could hang on the wall so Smith could see them, instead of just laying all over the floor. 

I think that was a pretty ingenius idea.  I know I, for one, would treasure a frame of little items I loved from my youth.  That is when I made the comment that Courtney's creativity never ceases to amaze me

Here is a sampling of Courtie's house this Christmas:

She put scrapbook paper around her lamp shades to jazz them up!

Her ADORABLE girls' room:

And Smith's room:

Courtney REALLY knows how to shop and find things ... I would totally hire her.


  1. me, arms outstretched, bowing down at the computer, "i am not worthy. i am not worthy."

    UNREAL COURTIE!!! so proud to be related to you 2! :)

    also, find me that little girl w/ the crown and the lollipop in the girl's room STAT! love her!

  2. .............................
    (that is me speechless)

    Where does she find the time?!

  3. You Winebrenner girls are too much--so talented!!! It all looks gorgeous! Your parents must be soooo proud of all of your work! I agree with McCall....I am bowing now! =0)

    And I can't wait for house #3 tee hee

  4. What a magical home she has! PURE JOY! Thank you for sharing her....I am off to take another peek...her wreath and tree are amazing!

    Hugs and oodles of love my sweet friend. ....xoxoxo

  5. Hello

    Love the kids rooms and her white Christmas tree. Thank you for sharing.


  6. You have Got to be kidding me! WOW!!! What creativity. I LOVE all of the Glistening Colors! Two such creative sisters in one family- Amazing!

    Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

  7. You make me look good pp dove! The pictures of your house look fab too! Sure love ya!!!!!