Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Boy when you get out of the blogging mode it is hard to get back in it sometimes.  I decided that since it is almost December, I had better get to posting about my Thanksgiving happy little thing QUICK!

Does anyone else love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as much as I do?  I was texting my kids all over the country to tell them to be sure and watch the parade.  My two youngest went up to Washington for the week, and with my two girls in Tennesse, I had no one but me, myself and I to watch the parade with.  Big sigh. But that's what I did ... and I still really, really enjoyed it.  I couldn't help but be a commentator during the parade.  (Silently though - note to Elliott:  No son, I don't talk to myself during shows when no one else is around.  I was acutely aware of it during this parade.)

I love Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera as the hosts and the floral arrangement they were sitting behind was absolutely gorgeous. I did notice how much easier it is to descibe these floats as opposed to the Rose Parade Floats.  Once they identify the approaching character, it is pretty much the same info - size and weight.  And occasionally a little tid bit like, "Horton's toenails are the size of hoola hoops."  (Doesn't Meredith have a beautiful complexion?  Seriously.)

I did notice the GINORMOUS Victoria Secret billboards right behind the floats and thought it was a little inappropriate to have such a display of push up bras and panties at such a family friendly event ... maybe the producers realized that too because after they were in-your-face behind the turkey float, they changed the camera angles just a little bit.  Phew!

So here are just a few of my (silent) thoughts during the parade:

I wonder if Meredith ever has a closet sale like Oprah did that one time.  I sure love her jacket.

Jimmy Fallon sings????  I do like the choo-choo train float he is on though.

I think McDonald's should let their good customers drive red, clown shoe cars too - kind of like Mary Kay lets their good sales associates drive pink Cadillacs ... I would for sure qualify.

There is a U.S. Pizza Twirling Team?  (Much less impressive than one would hope for.)

600 cheerleaders with bright blue and pink pom-poms in unison ... AWESOME! 

Kylie Minogue, you're adorable but wearing rings on the outside of your gloves?  Not so much.

Awe, the Jimmy Dean float is adorable too, but I bet this is how the guy in charge had to break the news to some of the participants of that one:  Kay, I have good news and bad news for you.  The good is that you get to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!  The bad news is ... we need you to be an egg.

I get how you can fake the keyboard and the guitar but how are these guys faking the drums?

I  LOVE all of the entertainment they have during the parade.  (That's why I watch this particular parade really.  Not to see Peek-a-Choo or Spiderman floating by the New York cityscape.)  Did you see the big group of dancing penquins?  SOOOO adorable!  Just like a live version of the dancing penquins in "Happy Feet!"  I was dying to see Jessica Simpson too. The announcer sure left you hanging each commercial break for that one.  She didn't show up until the very end of the parade in her modest, monochromatic cold weather attire and less than impressive lip-sync of her Christmas tune.  (I still really like her though.  She gets a bum wrap ... let the girl be chubby if she wants to be!) 

One thing that I ALWAYS notice is that there are a lot of really great winter white coats out there.  This year India Arie had on a fabulous, long, winter white coat ...

I want one.  Santa?


  1. I usually try to watch it and enjoy it a lot too. I didn't get a chance to see it this year though...the Victoria ads sounds WAY wrong and they always are...I think they think they are Playboy! I hope you get that long white coat! ;D

  2. "let the girl be chubby if she wants to be!" hahaha. love that! i'm for sure dropping everything next year to watch the MTDP with you. my thoughts were similar but, you say them so much better! and jared's just not into it. how can you not be? for sure a once a year happy little thing!

  3. I haven't watched that Parade since I was a little girl...I just remember how sometimes it would be really windy that day, and the floats--that really floated in the air--that were tied down with cables--would sway and almost hit the buildings...like the Underdog one. LOL....do they still have those? Sure do miss you Pol..and wish you were here with me for Thanksgiving...and I hope Santa grants your Christmas wish for you! xoxox

  4. i havent been able to watch that parade FOREVER... and now i wish i would have!

  5. I love this..I so want to go!!! I watch it on TV but that is just not the same.

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxoxoxo

  6. Hey there...thanks for stopping by the other day from Koralee's! Look at your little Libby! Oh how much fun you guys will have with her...i do say it is is a fun name! I have actually always loved my name :) & LOVE the pics of your kids when they were little! How much joy I can imagine with your bunch! I am expecting my 4th & am a little scared but 5! You are awesome! I hopeyou still get to see them a ton now that they are growing up!

    LOVE the Macy's parade! I was doing a lot of cooking that morning but I can still see the t.v. from there so I do a lot of yelling , Annie & Bo!!! Come see what is going by now! (they don't have patience for all those commercials :) But it was super fun to read your thoughts! I had a few of the same...i am still shocked Jimmy Fallon sings :) Take care! I enjoyed my visit!!!