Thursday, February 4, 2010


I get a REALLY big kick out of coincidences ... in fact, it is one of the things that I put on my list of happy little things back in July that I wanted to blog about. Another one of those things on the list was "Ruby."

There is a show on the Style Network about a woman named Ruby Gettinger and her journey as she struggles to lose weight. Not like you or I might struggle to lose weight, when the series started Ruby weighed over 500 pounds. After her doctor told her she was in a fight to save her life, she enlisted the help of professionals, family and friends to help her do just that.

What is extraordinary about Ruby, to me, is that even though she weighs as much as she does, on one of the episodes she said that she had always been happy despite the weight, and I believe her. If you watch the show she has amazing friends who adore her, support her, care about her, and just enjoy the heck out of her!!!! She has such a darling personality! And a really cute southern accent.

I watch the Biggest Loser too. Last night I was watching Tuesday's show and seriously just bawled when the contestant for that week was eliminated. After they had weighed him and it wasn't enough of a loss for that week, the cameras then turned to the remaining contestants and big fat tears were streaming down most of their faces ... including (and maybe especially) the two Samoan guys. They said, "We feel like we're losing a brother." It seems that this season there is an extra amount of closeness between the contestants and they genuinely want to see each other succeed. I love that.

But that was what made me remember Ruby. So as I started the post today, I googled her to find out what her last name is and the first thing that popped up on her blog was that she was on Oprah yesterday. What a co-inky dink! (Although I am sad I missed that.)

Her new season starts this month on the 14th ... just in case you want to meet her too. :)