Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finishing the hem.


You know how in construction there is a guy who does the finish work? I wish I had a "finisher" for my quilt projects! I do love quilting, especially getting started ... picking out the fabric and getting the pieces cut. (I blogged about that here.) But I have this slight little problem with getting the border on and the hem done.

I made this quilt for a friend's little baby boy and took it to her shower unfinished. She loved it and went on and on about what a sweet labor of love that was ... but then I had to take it back to put the binding on and get it hemmed.

(I watch a lot of TV lately so sitting and hemming shouldn't be a problem at all - but it was getting those last few strips cut and sewn that was really holding up the project!)

Her baby is six months old. Not too cool of me, I know. HOWEVER! Last week I finally set the sewing machine on my kitchen table, thought REALLY hard about how to sew those darn strips correctly around the corners, called a friend to help because I couldn't remember, ripped out the first few tries because I hadn't wrapped my brain around what she had told me, went to her house the next day for an on hands demonstration, and finally finished sewing!!!!

I sat with Sophie for several hours one night watching a few movies and VOILA ... hurray it is done!

Finishing is a really, really good feeling.