Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sweet Tooth Fairy.



MSN recently had a top 10 cupcake list ... clearly, they don't know about The Sweet Tooth Fairy yet or it would have made the list.

I am not even the "hugest" cake fan as far as my own top 10 desserts, but these cupcakes ... I've never tasted anything like them. And I'm not just saying that. They really, are SOOOOO good!

And it isn't just because the bakery has the cutest name around, and carries the cutest little accessories (like aprons and sprinkles and creative cupcake papers). Or because the store itself is just so darling you don't want to leave. Or because the flavors are so creative, like: raspberry lemonade, cheesecake, cotton candy, key lime and s'mores. Or because they can decorate them any and every which way you could think of ....

Even though it is all of those things too, it is the richest, moistest, yummiest cupcake you would ever want to eat.

I get happy just driving down to Provo anticipating having one! And sometimes I do drive down to Provo, just to get one (but don't believe that it's ever really just one.)

Recently, the really cute Sweet Tooth Fairy sign was put up in a new location ... here in Draper ... right across the parking lot from the new IN-N-OUT ... a few blocks from my work ... oh no ...

I'm in so much trouble! ;)


  1. mouth waters just reading your post and remembering our yummy trip to Mcdonalds and that scrumptious little cup cake store!

  2. Oh, my gosh, do you know how hungry this post made me? Those cupcakes look so yummy. And what a sweet little shop! (No pun intended.) I wish we had one of them around here...although maybe it's better that we don't. Ha.

    Thanks for putting my blog button in your sidebar. And I'm glad to see you liked the Fig Tree Cottage, too. That's my dream house. *sigh*

  3. you finally made it down (or is it up? i never know) when they were OPEN! hurray!!! love the american idol pic on your sidebar.

  4. i love the sweet tooth fairy as well.. and its all because of you peeps! you introduced me. and i owe you so much for that. even though i dont make it down very often.... it doesn't mean im not thinking about it :)
    they're opening one in draper??? they are sure to get mucho biz from you. la ya

  5. When are they coming to California? Soooooo cute! And I'm sure they do taste yummy! Another stop on my trips to Utah. (will I have to give up on getting my BYU mint brownie?)