Monday, January 25, 2010

No complaining.


Late last fall I asked my kids to rake the leaves in the backyard. Elliott went out and raked for awhile but then came in and said, "Sophie can do the rest."

A few days later it rained. The pile of leaves got soaked. A little while after that, it snowed. The wet leaves were so saturated that I think they took on a form of mush.

Now that it is late January and the mush has inhabited the same spot on my lawn for nearly 4 months I decided it was high time it gets picked up ... the new Spring growth doesn't look too pretty after spending the winter under mush. (I know from experience.)

So today I came home from work and in much more of a statement than a request, said, "You guys, hurry and grab the snow shovels and pick up those piles of leaves out back. Haley will be home soon and we need to get to the chiropractor. Use the trash can closest to the front of the garage. The leaves will be heavy so you both need to do it together."

They got their coats, got some shoes on, and went out back.

That was easy. Not sure why. Gotta love it when kids don't complain! :)

Sidenote: I know they don't look terribly happy in this picture, but they are smiling deep down inside. I think Sophie was serious because she was mimicking the picture of the couple on the farm. Elliott, just because he doesn't like his picture taken.


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  1. that picture! ha. what the heck?? good job guys, make mama happy. :)