Monday, January 11, 2010

A full tank of gas.


I used to drive a Suburban and I loved it ... that is, until it started to cost me well over $100 to fill the tank. That was about 5 years ago and gas prices continued to rise after that.

I decided back then, since I didn't always have five little children with me at all times, I needed to opt for a smaller car, with a smaller gas tank, and less of a hit each time I went to fill it.

I do miss that four wheel drive Suburban though. I liked being the one that moms would call to be the "rescue" driver on snowy mornings. "Polly, can you come and pick Tavia up for pre-school this morning? They haven't plowed our cul-de-sac yet." Or, "I can't get up the hill this morning, are you going to be going out soon?" Since I love to drive, (have you read about that here?) I was more than happy to be accommodating.

The nice thing about the smaller vehicle is filling it up for around $30. And the thing that I like the best about having a full tank of gas is that it means it will be several days before I need to pump gas again ... I don't love pumping gas.


  1. i wish more people would get wind of your blog...i really enjoy it and i think others would too. how can we make you popular?? (bouncing my make-believe bob while i say "popular")

  2. Ha ha ha!!!! Thanks for the compliment.

    That vision of the actions to "Pop-u-lar" is a really happy thing! Those cute girls! :)