Thursday, January 28, 2010

Michael and Michelle.

I really had NO idea how vast the world of blogging was when I started doing this. I got a comment on my first post within about an hour by someone I didn't even know and I thought, "How did they even find this blog?" Well, now I know ... and there are lots of ways to "find" blogs. But perhaps more accurately said, more ways to happen upon blogs.

Sometimes I will be reading the comments on someone's post and think that person's profile picture is cute, or their blog name is cute, or their comment is interesting, and click on their name which takes you over to their blog. Then they might have a link to someone else's, or a "button" on their sidebar (I have two), or a"be sure and check out ...."

So you click on one of those and off you go into La La Land - or Blogga' Land as the case may be.
Sometimes I have clicked so many places (now I understand why some bloggers write that this has taken over their lives) that I lose track of how I got there and forget the place where I started - even if I wanted to remember that one.

A few days ago I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, "Rockstar Diaries." Naomi, whose blog it is, said she was going to be a guest blogger over at "21st and Ivy". So I clicked over to 21st and Ivy, scrolled through their incredibly unique blog, and found a post about an artist named Michelle Christensen.

First of all, how adorable is she? That is Michelle, up above, next to one of her captivating drawings. So I clicked on over to Michelle's blog ( and saw that she recently graduated with a BFA in Illustration from BYU.

I read that and thought, Well that is cool. My brother graduated with a BFA in Illustration from BYU about 25 years ago. Whoa, that's a long time ago and he is my younger brother ... how did I get to be this old?

But I was so impressed with her work. You really must go check it out. I just love her style and creativity.

Have I also mentioned that I love McDonald's? (Okay, I thought so.) But did you know I love Michael Jackson too?

I can't even tell you how big my smile was when I saw this picture!

So thanks Michelle. You totally made my day.

(check out the other worker's faces!)


  1. i LOVE "rockstar diaries"! She is so corky and creative! i definately do the same thing...i go from blog to blog and have no idea where i started! haha.