Thursday, November 19, 2009

Opening day ...


This morning I was getting my diet coke at the drive-thru window at McDonald's, when it suddenly occured to me that TODAY was the opening day of In-N-Out Burger just a hop skip and a jump away!!!! Although it was only 9:55 in the morning, I had heard that they were opening at 10:00 am so I raced over there!!!!!

I got in the drive-thru line right at 10:00 behind approximately 20 other cars ... and then the line kept growing ... and growing ... and growing.

They had actually opened at around 9:30 to start accomodating all of the people who were there waiting - some of whom had spent the night. (I had mentioned to a few people that it would be "cool" to be the first customer at the new In-N-Out, but I think it was only 30ish out last night, so that was NOT going to happen for me!)

There was a radio station there, a couple of t.v. stations, two police cars, LOTS of orange cones trying to keep some assemblance through the parking lot, signs directing people from the main road to the waiting line, and lots of really, REALLY nice new employees out in the parking lot!

No one can deny that In-N-Out hires exceptional employees. Every one of the six that I spoke with prior to my departure with my burger in hand, was absolutely as friendly as they could be! And isn't customer appreciation a dying art, if you will? Especially at fast food places?

I think everyone knew that it was going to be pretty much mass chaos, so they were very well prepared. Part of that might be because there are so many transplants from California in Utah now who love their In-N-Out, and part of that is because Utah folks in general just LOVE food! It's kind of sad, but it's a "safe" vice. (Okay, not if we want to talk about the obesity problem, which we know exsists, and I have heard that Utah is pretty high on the list for that ... but, hey, we also rank #1 happiest state in the country too right???? I guess food can make people happy.) Back to the subject at hand now ...

I sent a text message to my oldest daughter telling her where I was and she replied with, "What?? Bring me one!!!! I'll be your best friend!"

When I told her I was already past the order guy and almost to the window to pay, she said, "NOOOOO! Add it! They won't care!"

And they didn't. How could I not take her a burger after she said she'd be my best friend? :)


  1. kill me.

  2.'re my best friend anyway. duh! but, the burger for breakfast sure didn't hurt your status. ;)