Friday, November 20, 2009

Little things today.


1 - This is my sister, Leslie, and most of her cute family ... I couldn't resist grabbing this photo from her daughter's blog - I LOVE it! (The first brunette is Leslie, then Taylor, Taryn, Tate, Brooks, Jordan, Caden, Paige, Jenson, Brynne, Brigham, Crew, Lindsay, and Kenny. The "daddy" was out on the football field reffing the BYU/UNLV game!)

2 - This is an update on the crazy goodness of In-N-Out ... Yesterday on my way home from work, the drive-thru line was out the driveway and down the street about three blocks - but two cars deep! One whole side of the road was packed with two rows of cars, WAITING to turn into the driveway.

There were three police cars at the end of that string of cars and I recognized one of them, so I stopped to say HI! He said the wait at that point was about 2 hours ... and then another cop said, "It's JUST a burger!!!!! Is it worth it? Let the novelty wear off and come back in a month!!!"

I think it might be a little more than a novelty though. There are some people who do think that it's "just a burger" but there is something about the way In-N-Out fixes it up - the cheese is always melted all over your burger ... the tomatoes are SO fresh ... they put tons of really fresh lettuce on it too ... it's just way YUM!!!!

I drove by today at lunch time ... same scene! It'll be busy for awhile. :)

3 - I saw four license plates that jumped out at me today: POWROF1 ... HELLLO ... PDW (twice - my initials) ... and then ZIPITY.

Hmmm. I wonder if that is a message sent for me - Carry on, Polly. YOU can do this!

'Cause I kinda needed to hear that message today.