Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas morning 2012.

tree scape

For those of you with young children, who stay up half the night wrapping and/or assembling toys for your tots, let me assure you now that it really does get easier.  Now that my children are grown, and choose most of their gifts anyway (okay, this year that was only Sophie) and prefer to sleep in - that is exactly what we did this year.

Kay, and I am usually pretty good about filling the stockings with goodies from Santa too, but I'm telling ya ... with your kiddies older, if you haven't gotten around to shopping for all those goodies, it's nice to know that it really doesn't matter much. My kids' favorite candy bar is Reese's, so on Christmas eve, I did (at least) pick up some king-sized candy bars for them.

Christmas morning, when everyone was awake, and the girls were all settled in on the couch for the Disney Christmas Parade, I asked Elliott if he would be a good little Christmas elf and make a McDonald's run for his mama and sisters' diet coke habit, because, believe it or not, our McDonald's had a sign on their window saying that they would be open until noon on Christmas day.

So Elliott (bless his little heart), decided that in the spirit of giving, he would accommodate our wishes.

When he finally arrived back home, we asked (in a really nice tone) what in the world had taken him so long?  "Mom. I went to both of the McDonald's close to us and they were both closed.  They had put up a new sign saying: Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will be closed Christmas day."  (I was actually really glad to hear that because I don't think they should have been open in the first place.)  He decided, rather than come back empty handed (because he knew better), he ran to the gas station and got all of us bottles of diet coke and a dr. pepper for himself.  Happiness.

christmas treats

You're probably all like me in the tradition of the "before" picture in front of the Christmas tree, right? Everyone has usually just rolled out of bed, no one is allowed to have showered or changed their clothes, or put on make up ... and I always adore that picture!

pure joy

McCall and her little family were spending (early) Christmas morning at her in-laws house and she asked if we wouldn't mind waiting for them to open presents until around noon.

None of us minded one little bit.


With Jared coming home unexpectedly and getting to share the holidays at home - it made Christmas extra special for us.  Libby was a new little girl having her daddy around.  She was beyond happy every moment of every day and just as cute as she could be, becoming her daddy's constant companion, aka: his shadow.

the gang

It's usually the youngest one in the family's obligation privilege to act as Santa's helper and pass out the gifts.  Libby was in heaven gathering everyone's presents and putting them in a pile at their feet. (Her pile was taller than she was, and no one minded that one little bit either.)  She was pure Christmas JOY for us.


Logan, that stinking cute little baby boy, was just happy to be there - as he usually is ... and Jared, well, you can probably imagine how happy he was to be there.

jerd and logan Photobucket e-man cutie pies loves

One of the best Christmases EVER.  I am one lucky mama.

(Oh, and just to document that I was indeed part of this glorious day ... here is a "not allowed to get dressed, showered or put on make up" picture of me too - doctored up a bit to look less offensive, in a hue that I chose on photobucket because it is called LOGAN. Are you loving my snowflake jammie bottoms with my striped tee shirt?  Yeah ... me too.)

final size


  1. Ohmyword to Elliott! I never did hear that cutest story!!! :)

    I'm totally crying over how great Christmas is at your house! And that Jared was there! Really, Mom. TEARS! Right now!

    That little Libby of mine. I don't know if it's because she's getting older or because she knows now that Daddy really WILL come home from work but, she is just the sweetest! She's back to hugging and giving all those complements we loved so much.

    I was crying earlier today too because on the drive to school she said, "Why did my daddy go to work without me?" Oooooh! Gets me every time!

    Great post! Love you!

  2. PS Love the Logan filter. And everything about Logan. Everything.

  3. Peeps! I loved this post so much!!! The pictures, the colors, the diet coke story, the fact that Jared was there, and just everything about Christmas... I just Lub it so much!

  4. There sure is a lot of love going on at your those little vests too! Glad you had such a great Christmas! ;)

  5. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday. Your tree was beautiful, your kids and grandbabies amazing. This year was a big transition for our family. For the first time in 25 years two of us were in Seattle and the rest in Boston. Thank goodness for Skype, texting, Instagram etc. We felt included in each others celebrations even though we were separated by so many miles. Happy New Year to you and yours. Wishing you all a safe, happy, joyful, loving year!!

  6. You have the most beautiful Christmas tree. Just tole my daughter that is the best tree I have ever seen. I hope one day to enjoy one like it! Oh and by the way - BEAUTIFUL children - they also have beautiful teeth!

  7. So....I tried to post the other day...but, it wouldn't take the message? I will try again....I LOVE THE TREE(gorgeous colors with matching wrapping!)...THE MATCHING VESTS (I mean REALLY???...SO ADORABLE)....and seriously...who looks that cute without kill me! LOL
    Miss you like crazy...and your cute kiddies...and your pretty decorations! xoxox

  8. P.S....I forgot to mention how SWEET Elliott is...what a doll!
    He will make a great girls have trained him to be so thoughtful! It's great! xoxox

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