Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Suess.

Dearest Dr. Suess,

We heard that today is your birthday!
  Could it possibly be true?
Are you really one hundred and eight?
You don't look a day over sixty two!

We've loved your whimsey 
and all of your rhymes.
We think you're hilarious 
most of the time!

So thanks for the stories, 
the characters, the fun.
Thanks for the Lorax, the Who's, 
and Thing One!

The Sneetches,  the Cat, 
and don't forget Sam ...
who showed us all we should try
Green Eggs and Ham!

We love you!

Things Two, Three and Four


  1. hahaha. so cute! sophie looks a little scary in this pic though. :)

  2. Good one peeps, love it...and you!

  3. You are always having fun fun fun....I love visiting you. What a terrific mom you are. xoxoxoxoxox HUGS

  4. Did you write that poem? Clever Pol!!!
    Love the photo! :)