Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let freedom ring!

So, yes, absolutely, my post about the 4th of July is a little late in coming .... (don't let me get started on the amount of time it takes to download pics and create collages in the "new and improved" .... just don't let me.)  We really do LOVE the 4th of July Celebration in our little local town of Sandy City, Utah.  The festivities are always so much fun and the people watching is COMPLETELY entertaining.

... truth be told, I'm completely entertained by my own little group of "people".

Libby, lovin' on that parade taffy ... lots and LOTS of parade taffy.

Pretty sure that some people watching was focused in our direction too... 
these two dancing queens were a hoot HIT!

And I will admit, celebrating Independence Day meant a lot more to me this year.  As I watched Libby prance around with her flags, playing with her cousin, Isabel .... their baby brothers sitting on their mommy's laps all day, I got a little teary eyed ... because their daddies, Jared and Josh, are both currently deployed for the next 12 months, serving our country, fighting for our freedom - that on most days, I think we take for granted.  But that day, I didn't.

So here is a big fat THANK YOU to the troops,
and a special thank you to these two brothers ....

We love you guys!


  1. Ahhh. That was such a fun day. I thanked a guy in uniform today. It does seem to mean more when a family member is away serving. Loved this post. :)

  2. I was laughing out loud at the dancing queens!!! Next year I am going with you guys :) I wish :)

  3. I will say it again your family always makes me much JOY! xoxoxoooxoxxoxoxoxoox Have a great weekend. xoxox

  4. So thankful for the
    Jared and Joshes of
    this country!!!

    Beautiful day with a
    beautiful family. You
    are truly blessed, my

    xo Suzanne

  5. This year was different for me as well. I thought about McCall and Jared. You look at it all so different when you know someone IN it. McCall is a hero in my eyes! I am alone with my kids for 5 days, and I have had some melt downs myself!

  6. I ALWAYS love your fourth of July posts Polly...
    always with the cutest pics! I especially LOVE
    the very last pic with that sweet lil Libby
    face peeking through the back...
    Much love to all of you guys!