Thursday, August 30, 2012

Office visits.

McCall had a hair appointment yesterday and asked if it would be okay for Libby to come visit me at the office for a bit.  "I'll bring her with lunch and her backpack filled with activities.  Hopefully she'll be good and keep herself busy so you can still get your work done."

Oh she kept herself busy alright.  But she paid little attention to her backpack or lunch.  It was all about the office ..... and using Grammie's pens, and seeing what was in Grammie's fridge ...

And pushing the button on the UPS label printer to get more and more stickers!!!

The bathroom was a lot of fun too ...

I had (what I thought was) a brilliant idea to listen to Pandora on my computer.  I created a new station called "Disney Children" and it was fabulous!!!  Libby loved guessing what Disney movie the song was from. But she also wanted to see the picture they show while the song is playing .... not really conducive to me getting any work done on the computer.  But that was okay, because I needed to count out elastic strings in bundles of 50.  I thought that would be a tedious task I could do while Libby colored - and roamed ....

Not so much.  She LOOOOVED the elastic strings and wanted to pet them, and count them, and hold them and have some of her own too.  I had a friend text me and suggest that we watch something on YouTube.  That turned out to be an even more brilliant idea. 

When McCall got back, she took one step into the office and said, "OH NO."

Good thing the boss didn't pay an unexpected visit today ... smile. I sure love that little girl. 



  1. Polly! You totes are already a stellar Grammie!!! This post is so cute. What a fun way to spend the work day :)

  2. ah boy. sounds cute to most but, i have her going 120 mph day in and day out. this post gives me anxiety. it would've been a nice break for me if i didn't have logan fussing on my lap the entire hair appointment. thanks anyway...sorry no work got done. she had a blast though!!! and i guess that's what matters.

  3. This is so darling my friend....she is one sweetpea that is for sure. You are the best grandma ever! She will want to visit you all the time at the office now...great memories. xoxoxo Hugs and HAPPy September

  4. What a fun day for Libby! I like the youtube idea :) I keep hoping Bo won't discover it! He would never turn it off!

  5. So fun...does she still love grammies purse? :)
    She is adorable!!!!! xoxox