Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jef with one F.

If you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows, you already know that the last couple of seasons have had contestants (is that what you call them?) from Utah.  Turns out the contestants you love to hate were the ones that were from Utah (remember Michelle and Bentley?).  Not cool for those of us who live in Utah.  They didn't paint a very good image.  But then along came Jef with one F.

In case you don't know who Jef is, he was one of the bachelors vying for Beautiful, Barbie, Bachelorette Emily's hand in marriage this past season.  He made a really great impression from the get goriding in on a skateboard.  Emily said she was immediately smitten.  She thought he seemed a little edgy and she liked that.  

Well, this local guy made us all proud because he was truly so sweet, so charming, said the most beautiful things to Emily, and was a hit with her little girl, Ricki.

In the end ... Jef got the girl.  It was really, really precious.  After he made the proposal, and got up off his knee, Jef kissed her and then Emily said something to him.  I didn't catch it the first time around, so I backed up my tivo so I could hear what she said.  She told him, "We're going to make this work."   LOVE that.

They are so adorable together and seem genuinely happy, which, granted, is how most couples start out, but I'm hoping for the best for them.  And I'm hoping for a Jef/Emily sighting of my own sometime... the guy gets around! 

Jef with my niece, Lindsay  - sighting at a Blogger event,
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Jef with Chloe's friend, Thomas - sighting at Sugarhouse Park, 4th of July,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Jef with my nephew, Jordan - sighting during lunch at Costa Vida,
Pleasant Grove, Utah


  1. A girl in our ward is going to the South Carolina Mission; that is where Jef's parents are the mission president! Maybe she will get a real sighting too!

  2. How fun are those sightings!!

    I have never watched that show(s). I just can not get into watching beautiful women fighting over 1 man. I am sure I would have to watch if someone was from Buffalo though.

  3. Hey- Thanks for finding me because now I found you back. I love you Utahians (is that a word) are just so genuine and real....well, except for the couple of duds on The Bachelor/ette. Guess what? Jef was MY PIC from Day One! I adore him and I think they are the sweetest couple together? Could they get any cuter?

    Anyway, I am your newest follower, kiddo, and you're stuck with me now!! xo Diana

  4. Ahhhhh....he looks so sweet. I have not watched that show..will have to one of these seasons...the problem is I know I will get too addicted and will always have my eyes glued on the TV then.
    Your son is so handsome...he could be on the show...easy peasy...but I am sure as a mom you don't want him to he may be a tad bit young? Not sure?? Here I go a rambling...I will stop before I get myself into trouble.
    Let's talk is made in the USA so I am sure if you start looking in local charity shops your will find some...antique places usually have pieces but charge way too much! The pink and turquoise are popular to the price is high..but not when you find it at Salvation favourite place!!!
    Happy weekend. xoxooxxoxoo

  5. Stinking love Jef with one F. Love this post as well. SO SO glad a Utahan came through this time!

  6. ahhhh Jef is so dang cute! so jealous!

  7. Lub her. Lub him. Lub these sightings.

  8. I knowwwww....I just loved him and was so hoping she would pick him! Love her too, this was the best season on that show! I heard them say that he would be moving to where she is...hope it all works for them! He seems to have come from a great family, hope it all rubs off on them too! ;)

  9. ha ha, i love all these sightings! we have become a tad-bit obsessed with him. ya know, gotta support the locals, right? we went to our cousin Brody (bagshaws) farewell yesterday and one of his cousins on the other side served a mission with jef! he said that jef was his zone leader and he had never seen a better missionary. (kinda sad). but you can tell he is such a good, down-to-earth, kind of guy. i really hope they last!
    havent seen you in awhile, peeps. sure do miss ya! xo

  10. Ha - love it! I still need to watch the last episode :) Great blog!

  11. Hey there....I was cathcing up on your blog the other day & I love reading everyword! But then a babe was yelling before I got time to comment but I had so much fun! You guys always have the most fun!

    A cheerleader in the family! She looks goregous! i LOVE watching Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Making the Team & Haley looks like she is one of them! What a fun stage of life!!!

    Your Mother's Day looked so special! I know how much you love that lil pack of yours & they love you right back so intently! Right down to the diet Coke :) All the special touches made me smile! Your happy little things make me so happy too!

  12. This is one adorable couple...I love the things he says to her...if he always does that...and is always so open with her...they will do great! Because I think that is what she really wants! What all girls want! It really was a fun of my favorites so far!
    Love the sightings...and she look like her mama or what! Love that! :D