Tuesday, October 11, 2011

.... One Republic.

My kids and I love the group, One Republic.  When I told them that they were going to be doing a post game concert at an upcoming Real Soccer game they got soooo excited!  Especially Haley.  She said, "Mom, I have been dying to go to a Real game, can we please go as a family?"

We went as a family. (And I didn't even have to buy the tickets ... thanks Frank.  You're a doll.)

We stopped at IN-N-OUT on the way for burgers and crammed into a little five seater car.  It was definitely a night of togetherness and we had a ball.

The game was awesome.  The Real team won.  The score was zero to one.

Professional sporting events are always so much fun.  The energy in the crowd was awesome.  

There are some serious Real fans ... we got a kick out this guys shirt.  We sat in section 26 too.  I am guessing he must be a season ticket holder!

After the game, they announced that you would be able to stand on the field for the concert if you wanted to.  Of course my kids wanted to.  McCall and I, not so much.  So Haley, Chloe, Elliott and Sophie waited with the rest of the crowd ready to run for a good spot in front of the stage.

When the announcer said it was time to let the crowd on to the field, my kids held hands and made a run for it (even though the announcer also said, Please do not run across the field.  Everyone ran anyway and there was NO way of stopping them!)  I thought it was absolutely adorable. Definitely something that made this mommy's heart smile.

There were so many people that McCall and I lost sight of where they went.  I told McCall to send a text message and have one of them jump up so we could tell where they were ....

Oh my gosh, when we saw Sophie we laughed so hard!  And then Chloe texted us back and said that she was going to jump up too.

I told them to have Haley do it so I could get a picture of her .... Oh, oops ... cotton candy man got in the way ... "Tell Haley she has to do it again."

THERE SHE IS!!!  We laughed again.  It was just so funny to see them.  

Shortly after the concert started, I told McCall that I had changed my mind and was going to go down on the field so I could get some pictures.  How could I not, right?

McCall sat all alone during the show, which she wasn't completely thrilled about.  Mom, I didn't know you would be gone the whole time.  (Sorry about that Bug.)

She did join us on the field for some jumping though.  (Gotta get those jumping pictures.)

Chloe was non stop ... I seriously do NOT know where she gets her energy.

The game was great.  The concert was fun. But the best part of the event for me was being with these five kids of mine.  They sure know how to have a good time.  And I am lucky that they don't mind the company of their mama.

(Pretty sure we closed out the place.)

And speaking of soccer ...


  1. I am a huge fan
    of One Republic
    and even tried to
    use The Good Life
    on my blog last
    night, but sadly,
    mixpod did not have
    a version I could
    use. What a fun
    night you all had!!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I LoVe this...you all look so HAPPY...SO MUCH FUN!!!! And those jumping shots are HiLaRiOuS! I think the one of the five kids would make a great Christmas photo....just saying! Give that group of yours BIG HUGS for me! xoxoxoxox....Diane

  3. How fun! You got some awesome pictures of a night you will all remember. I am sure they love being with mom, I can tell that you a a great one! ;D

  4. Oh my goodness...what fun..your family is amazing..that is because you are amazing..best mom ever! xoxoxo

  5. peeps that was one of the funnest posts EVER! loved every picture (especially the ones with the girls jumping up in the crowd.. stinkin hilarious.) makes me smile that you guys got to have so much fun together! i just love ALL Y'ALLS!!!!

  6. i think i was smiling from beginning to end of this post. there are always good times to be had with momma's and their babies.
    ps. as i was pondering how in the world elliott got SO tall and SO skinny, i had a realization. people probabley look at our family and wonder how in the world is that girl SO short and SO stalky????:)

  7. What a fantastic time!! Your family is just darling!!

  8. love love love it!!! i am laughing out loud again at the kids in the crowd! and at me, seriously alone, with all those empty red chairs. ha! such a fun time!!!