Thursday, October 27, 2011

.... Lagoon.

... I really do love a good coincidence.  It turns out that Gray knows Shanlee who sang with Haley in the girls group "Echo," and Daniel who sang in the boys group "Frequency," because they used to perform at Lagoon with Gray.  The older I get, the smaller the world gets and the greater the connections grow - it is a little freaky.

Lagoon is our local amusement park.  I had only ever been once in the fifteen years that I have lived in Utah.  Why?  I didn't think I would like it.  It looked really cheesy to me.  Growing up in Southern California and going to Disneyland about a hundred and two times, I just didn't even have a desire, thinking that nothing would compare ... that, and I don't like roller coasters and rides that make me sick.  Lagoon is full of those.

It was probably five years ago when I went for the first time during the summer season and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!  I was rather impressed with this little local park and thought it was completely charming. And the thing that I was most impressed with was the talent in the stage shows.  I thought it was every bit as good as Disney (dare I say?!).

One of the stylists that works in the same salon with Haley has also sang at Lagoon for at least the last five years.  She mentioned to Haley that they were holding an invitation only audition for dancers for their "Hackenslash" show and she would put Haley on the list.  Haley LOVES to perform so she took advantage of the opportunity and went to the audition.  She made it.  So happy.

Sidenote:  When rehearsals for the show first started, Haley didn't think she would make it.  She said they are in full costumes with boots, gloves, masks and wigs and they dance with real chainsaws.  She said the chainsaws weigh 18 pounds.  And then she showed me some of their dance moves ... I didn't think she would make it either.  But so far, so good - and they kind of blew me away when I saw their show for the first time. I had no idea how entertaining it would be, how complicated the choreography was, or what a fun variety of songs they would dance to.  (Katy Perry's California Girls is my favorite.)

(Haley is on the right ... creepy, isn't it?)

The regular summer season for Lagoon ends at the beginning of September.  The park closes for a few weeks and then reopens through the month of October for their Frightmares.  I thought they did such a cute job (relative word use there) of revamping the park into a spooky fall festival.  I especially got a kick out of the tombstones.

(Trick or Treating ...)

Libby was loving it too .... until it got dark ... and the chainsaws started.  How do you convince a two year old that the person underneath that scary mask and wig is her Auntie Hee?  (You don't ... you just keep your distance.)

The Hackenslash dancers were the opening number for both of the stage shows.  Once they danced a few ... theeeeeen Libby LOVED the singing and dancing ...

(This little baby , on the other hand, knew which one was her mama.)

As for me ... I loved all of it ... but especially watching the Hackenslash dancer wearing the darker wig!  ;)

And speaking of creepy stage shows ...


  1. Haley has such a interesting life!!!!! Love hearing about her talents and how she is using them! Who knew Lagoon could be so cool???

  2. All I can say is that you have the funniest life my sweet friend. xoxox

  3. Those are some pretty awesome costumes!!! I can't believe how brave those kids were! I wish mine were!!! Looks fab!

    Hey you won the book yesterday! I am guessing girl for Libby :) But if you could email me your address to & let me know if that is the one you want I will get it ordered!

    Talk soon!

  4. wow! you made frightmares look so fun! i must admit, in all my 30 years as a utah'n i have NEVER been to lagoon during halloween. i guess we should make the trip...

  5. so fun. i'm glad libbs hasn't had nightmares...yet. as much fun as i had, i was worried for my bebe. she does love to sing though. this morning she was singing, "happy birthday to mama...happy birthday to you." i had NO IDEA she even knew that song. too too cute!

    great pictures! as alwasy.

  6. What fun and interesting places to visit. And, what talented children!

  7. WHAT A BLAST!!!! Haley sure has a fun life! Sure do LoVe that girl of yours...and all the rest of them, too!!!!! And of course...YOU!!!! XOXOX