Friday, October 7, 2011

.... the beach.

It was later in the day and starting to get a little dark when we drove out to Sconset.  Of course I wanted to stop the car all along the way to get different pictures. (I really do love taking pictures.)  But my mom was so worried that we wouldn't get to all of our regular romps out that way if we didn't hurry it up!

My dad pulled the car over by the beach so we could "step foot on the sand" for Spring.

I suggested that we take some fun pictures of us jumping on the beach.  You know, the kind that my kids do all the time ....  OH.MY.WORD was that ever funny.  First of all,  each of us tried to jump, laughing our heads off in the process.  We barely lifted our feet off the sand in our attempts to jump and even that hurt. (I did take some pictures of the attempt but had to swear that I wouldn't post them publicly because of the humiliation they may cause - and not just to my sisters, but to our children as well.  They weren't pretty.)

Then our sweet daddy got out of the car so we could get a sister's pic .... this was take one.  OOPS.  Courtney ... Leslie ... watch the hair.

There we go ...

Here is one of the old tiny cottages that the NY actors would stay in ...

And right across the street from that one is one of the oldest cottages in Sconset ....

I don't know how it is still standing.  1676 ..... really.

This is one of our very favorite houses on the bluff ...

One of the things I would do at my house if money was no object, is to rip up my front and back yards and completely redo the landscaping.  (Big Dream!)  I would want it to look something like theirs - and then, of course, hire a gardener to maintain it this meticulously.

Down and around the corner in Madaket is the "Crooked House".  Guess who lived there?  Mr Rogers.  I wouldn't mind being his neighbor here.

By the time we drove over to the lighthouse at Sankaty, the wind was really ripping and it was SO dang cold.

After I had gotten out and taken several pictures, I climbed back into the car and my mom said, "I wonder if anyone realizes the lengths you go to to get pictures for your blog."  (I had to laugh.  I do love getting just the right picture, but not just for my blog ... okay ... maybe it is for my blog ...)

I get such a kick out of this sign.  It strikes me as so funny.

My parents have restored three homes on Nantucket.  They have all been such beautiful homes when they were done, but I think my favorite was the house they restored on Pleasant Street.  This is it ....

I have blogged about this house before, but just mentioned how incredibly perfect the address is ...

And speaking of ONE ....  

(Okay, admittedly, I am having to be a little creative tying this post and the next one together.)


  1. Hello,

    The pictures are so beautiful!! Love them, espeically the the yellow house. It's gorgeous.. Such a precious place to visit. We are still here enjoying the great weather and having a great time. My favorite street is Cliff Road.
    Heading to Corazon del Mar for dinner. Thank you for sharing these great pictures.
    Take care,

  2. THere you go....making me crave a trip again :) Those sisters pictures are perfect! I love all your big smiles! I am pretty sure that you girls are the cutest on the beach for sure!

    THat IS the perfect address! how cute! I love all addresses with a 1 or 2 digit house numbers. So quaint!

  3. DIANE SAYS....okay...that does it...when is the next trip? :)

  4. love love love it. and really...the house that you said was your favorite yard...UNREAL!!!

  5. YAY!!! i'm up and running again. don't know why but, i'm happy about it! i didn't even think that last post would post so i didn't write very much. ha.

  6. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back (hum the "welcome back kotter" theme song as you read that) Your pictures are so awe-tom... I'm now feeling very home sick for Nan. I also think that Leslie would have given you permission to post her picture from the beach, as it is practically perfect in every way! Just post it, she wont mind :)

  7. Pure joy...I love this area my friend.Those homes are stunning. xoxo Thank you so much for sharing. Your photos are so lovely. Happy new week my friend

  8. You truly captured some amazing images!

  9. I found your blog while searching for images of "The Crooked House" in Nantucket. I have a painting that my great aunt did of Mr. Rogers' house and wanted to find a photo of it. Your photo is the exact angle of the painting and I'm so glad I found it. Thank you!! My grandparents had a dear friend who lived next door to Fred Rogers and would sometimes run into him when visiting. My grandma once got an autographed picture for me. Thanks again. Your pictures are beautiful!

  10. My grandparents are from Lynn, MA (just outside Boston). They went to Nantucket for their honeymoon and never left. I'm from Nantucket, as are my parents. <3 your photo's.