Friday, July 8, 2011

This tiny tot.

Yesterday was this little girl's daddy's birthday, so I got to tend her while he and her mom went out for the night.  Now, I have five children of my own, but I have never known a busier little toddler in my life ... and I mean that in a good way.

Some kids need to be entertained all day long, but not Libby ... she can entertain herself all day long.  Her favorite thing when she comes to my house is my purse and it has been for quite some time.  McCall knows that my purse is the first thing Libby will head towards (after me) as soon as she comes inside, so yesterday she put it up on the desk in the kitchen hoping that Libby wouldn't pay any attention to the fact that it wasn't in its usual place on the floor under the desk.

Libby and I were spending our time alone together - she was playing with the other toys I have for her in the family room, and then I got a phone call.  Before I knew it, that little girl came into the room with the biggest grin on her face and my purse dangling from her arm.  I just looked at her in awe and thought, How in the world did she get that down???  (And you can forget about taking it away from her once she has it too.)

She sat down and proceeded to busy herself with all the things that she loves in grammie's purse:  my wallet, my numerous chapsticks, my mints, my glasses, my phone ... and then she pretended to be the mommy to her little baby doll.  Sooooo stinkin' adorable.  It is so precious how little girls just have that instinct to be a mommy - I love it.

At one point in the evening, Libby was sitting on my lap and we were reading her favorite book, What Can I Dream About? and I sneezed.  She turned her head around, looked at me, and said, "Besh you."  I sneezed again and she said, "Besh you."


It blew me away.  It was the cutest thing I think I have ever heard.  How, what, when?  She isn't even 2 yet!

You know how you always think your baby is a genious?  Well I am pretty sure that Libby really is!  :)

And I am so in love with her.  She is definitely a HAPPY.LITTLE.THING in my life!


  1. oh. my. gosh. so stinkin' cute! love dat bebe! i really just got teary. she is my happiest little thing. :) thanks for babysitting. she loves you.

  2. She is just the cutest! I think I love her too...Any girlk with the name Libby steals my heart! But you are right, THAT was adorable!

  3. She is so precious!!!!
    I love the purse obsession!
    AdOrAbLe!!!! :)
    And how she puts on the lip gloss
    and pretends to talk on the phone...
    guess it's really true when they say
    "Children learn what they live"...
    because she must be copying what
    she sees you do?! So stinkin' cute!
    Gotta love her!!! She looks like a
    mix of all of your babies!
    Gorgeous!!!! xoxox