Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Thirst Has No Curfew."


McDonald's has a fairly new saying on their cups ... when I read it, I thought of my partner in "diet coke crime"  ... my sister Spring.  We love diet coke. And we especially love McDonald's diet coke.  And we love late nights and good times ... which reminded me of our last little vacay to New York.

.... where SO many beverages were consumed, we couldn't even begin to count how many (total).

(And it was also especially funny and fun when Spring made Leslie laugh so hard she lost some of her beverage.  Leslie isn't used to consuming mass quantities the same way Spring and I are.)

The four of us were on our daily jaunt to get some chocolate frozen custard with almonds.
Courtney and I were waiting outside the store wondering what in the world was taking Spring and Leslie so long to get out of the car.  Then the door opened up and we saw Leslie lean out ... oops.
We were kind of bummed we missed that good of a laugh though.


  1. yay! looks like goo' goo' times. i need a ny vacation. ;) and don and bobs NOW! (wishful thinking)

  2. fun girl time is needed often! I was off the diet coke for a few months and I just fell off the wagon. Mcdonalds does have the best don't they?

  3. Make mine a water please....LOoOVve my sissie's

  4. oh peeps...with a sad and heavy heart i tell you to find a new partner because today was the last day of diet coke for me

  5. You girls make me smile!!!

    Drinking my diet coke right now :)

  6. I started laughing out loud remembering this...."Polly someone is throwing up!!!" goo goo times, luv ya!

  7. OH MY WORD...that's it...next time I am coming with you guys and you'll have to pretend you have another sista!!!! love you all!!! :)