Friday, July 1, 2011

The "Reveal."

McCall had heard that the Makeover "Reveal" (move that bus) was going to be at four o'clock.  I knew it would be packed with people so I had thought about heading over to Daybreak by at least three.  I had also thought that I would bring a step ladder ... that way, even if I didn't have a good view (which I figured would probably be the case), I could set that up behind the crowd and be able to see what was going on.  I had mentioned that to Wendi and she said I could use theirs.

Chloe called me from work around noon and said that things were slow and she would be able to take the afternoon off and come with me.  Yay.  She stopped by my office around 1:30, ate her lunch and we headed out a little after two.

When we got close, the streets were packed. I managed to find a decent spot, parked and then we headed down the block.  I looked ahead and said, "Chloe.  Oh my gosh.  That is the limo right there.  The family is on their way, we have to hurry.  Run!"

It was really, really exciting for me to be there for this.  I couldn't reach Wendi though so I didn't have a step ladder and I was a little bummed.  There was no way I was going to squeeze through this crowd to get any kind of a decent view.  We walked into the crowd a ways and then just stopped, not sure what my plan was going to be.  We happened to be standing right next to (what appeared to be) an abandoned, white, plastic lawn chair so I started to ask around, "Is this your chair?"  It wasn't that guys.

I tapped someone else, "Is this your chair?"  It wasn't his either.  I asked another few people and got the same response.

SA-WEET! It wasn't a step ladder, but it was a nice, impromptu substitute.  Up I went, and the view became oh so much better.

I could see the Salt Lake REAL soccer team ....

I could see that those cool copper colored cars we passed earlier were for the grand entrance of the design team ...

I had a great view of that crazy character, Ty, getting out of the car ...

Looking as cool as ever ...

And making his crazy faces, as always ...

I got to watch Michael Moloney again.  He seems so sweet, so personable, so fun ....

I got to watch Ty open the door of the limo as it pulled up (on the third take) ...

I was lucky enough to watch the designers all come out and greet the Gomez family with hugs ...

And see that adorable little Jonah so excited!

We were all  thrilled when the guy with the megaphone told us to get ready for "move that bus!"

And then everyone started chanting ... Move that bus!  Move that bus!  Move that bus!

The mom's reaction was priceless. (She dropped to the ground too.)

I don't know what was being said, but all of the designer's got a little emotional.


And then it was time to go "check out the rest of the house."

And then they were gone.  The family, Ty, cute Michael, Exzibit, beautiful Paige and the camera crew.  I imagine the filming of the inside of the house would probably take a few hours so we headed home.

The REAL soccer team left too.  I am guessing that this player is our version of David Beckham ... yeah?

Chloe and I passed the abc news van and I noticed the anchor was sitting inside.  So, being the wanna be paparazzi that I am (I really think I missed my calling) I walked up and asked if I could get a picture.  "Of course.  Do you want me to step outside?"

"No.  You're good."  (I think news guys never mind having their picture taken.)

And then it was all over.  It was hot, and dusty, and windy as all get out, and I loved every minute of it.


  1. oh. my. gosh.
    i should've called in sick that day. i totally feel left out. that looks AWESOME!!! your pictures are SA-WEET! lucky momma. i was cracking up at ty's faces, and where you said "you missed your calling." hahaha. love you!

  2. I've had a crush on Ty since he was on TLC's Trading Spaces! And Michael seems like he'd be such a fun guy to shop with! And Xzibit is a sweet heart! He used to host MTV's Pimp My Ride and he is hilarious!
    So fun!

  3. What fun my I would of loved to be there. Hugs for a happy 4th of July. xox

  4. I so loved
    taking this
    journey with you,
    Polly! So, so
    much fun!! Your
    pics are just great
    and I love your
    enthusiasm, my friend!
    Happy Fourth of July : )
    xx Suzanne

  5. Sooooo stinking fun!!!! That zoom is really coming in handy, your pics are awesome! You have missed lotta callings, talk show host (cuz you and Rosie woulda been besties), paparazzi (all the celebs woulda posed and cheesed for you) and your band being a headliner (cuz Red Tape was just the beginning!) Love ya so so much (p.s. your a celebrity in your own rite!)

  6. Great photos Pol...I knew you wouldn't disappoint! Did you get a new zoom? Good choice! :)

  7. Ok, these pics are great! Do you use a Nikon??? Do you know when this will be on TV? So excited!

  8. Yay! I loved seeing your pictures of the whole thing. You did such a wonderful job with them. It made me feel like I was there. Happy Weekend :)